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Contacting Jury Administration

Jury Administration:
901 - 495 - 1500 | Toll Free 866 -489 -8884
If scheduled to appear and cannot report due to unforseen circumstances you may also call 901 - 495 - 1207 or 901 - 495 - 1215

Automated Juror Information System:
Call after 5:00 PM. You will be asked to enter the nine-digit participant number located on the summons.
800 - 596 - 3354

Jury Administration Fax:
Fax any doctor statements if asking for medical exemptions, students may submit a transcript or letter from the bursars office verifying your status as a full time student.
901 - 495 - 1214

Jury Administration Email:
Due to high call volume during the jury selection process, it is possible that we will not be able to answer your call immediately. You can email any questions to and someone will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible.