Forms & Applications

Court Forms
Appearance Form (AO 458 form)

Application for Admission to the Bar

Application for Attorney Admission without Personal Appearance

Application to Proceed Without Prepaying Fees or Costs - For Non-Prisoners (AO 239) - Fillable, Non-fillable

Application to Proceed Without Prepaying Fees or Costs - For Prisoners (AO 240)

Bill of Costs (AO 133 form)

Change of Address Form (for Attorneys)

Civil Cover Sheet (AO JS-44 form)

Civil Pro Bono Panel Volunteer Form

Consent to Exercise Magistrate Judge Jurisdiction (AO 85 form) - Where a District Judge has been assigned as Presiding Judge (PDF doc) (WordPerfect doc)

Credit Card Authorization Form

Digital Recording Order Form

Electronic Case Filing User Registration Form

Garnishment Forms

Mediation Panel Application Form

Motion For Leave To Appear Pro Hac Vice

Notice of Appearance Pursuant to Student Practice Order

Notice of Intent to File Attorney Admission OR Motion Pro Hac Vice

Notice of Judicial Assignment Form

Report on the Filing or Determination of an Action Regarding a Patent or Trademark (AO-120)

Summons in a Civil Action (AO-440)

Transcript Order Form (6-CA-30)

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Application for Appointment to the CJA Panel (PDF)

Application for Appointment to the CJA Panel (Microsoft Word)

CJA 20 - Form (Court Appointed)

CJA 20 - Instructions

CJA 20 - In-Court Worksheet (MS Excel)

CJA 20 - In-Court Worksheet (PDF)

CJA 20 - Out-of-Court Worksheet (MS Excel)

CJA 20 - Out-of-Court Worksheet (PDF)

CJA 21 - Form (Expert Services)

CJA 21 - Instructions

CJA 24 - Form (Transcript Payment)

CJA 24 - Instructions

CJA 25 - Form (Notice Regarding Services)

CJA 26 - Form (Compensation Claim in Excess)

CJA 26a - Form (Guidance in Drafting Compensation Claim)

CJA 30 - Form (Death Penalty - Court Appointed)

CJA 30 - Instructions

CJA 30 - In-Court Worksheet (MS Excel)

CJA 30 - In-Court Worksheet (PDF)

CJA 30 - Out-of-Court Worksheet (MS Excel)

CJA 30 - Out-of-Court Worksheet (PDF)

CJA 31 - Form (Death Penalty - Expert Services)

CJA 31 - Instructions

CJA Travel Expense Worksheet (MS Excel)

CJA Travel Expense Worksheet (PDF)

CJA Other Expense Worksheet (MS Excel)

CJA Other Expense Worksheet (PDF)

Appendix 3A - Advance Authorization for Investigative, Expert or Other Services

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Instructions Concerning Settlement Conferences
Pre-Trial Procedures
Judge Vescovo's Instructions Concerning Pretrial Conference and Pretrial Order

Attachments to Rule 16(b) Notices
  • Judge Claxton's Rule 16(b) Scheduling Conference Instructions
  • Judge Claxton's Rule 16(b) Model Scheduling Order - Word, PDF
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    Interpreter Voucher

    Interpreter Rate & Information Sheet

    Judicial Misconduct Or Disability Complaint Rules & Forms | Back To Top
    Rules Governing Complaints of Judicial Misconduct or Disability

    Judicial Misconduct or Disability Complaint Form