United States District Court - Western District of Tennessee
Friday, September 23, 2016
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9:00 am 116cr10075 Breen - Report Dates
USA vs. Terrence Lamar Whiteside
B. Boswell -- A. Mathis
9:00 am 116cr10074 Breen - Report Dates
USA vs. Donald Pruitt, Tami Rogers (release)
M. Wilson -- M. Smothers, D. Camp
9:00 am 116cr10060 Breen - Report Dates
USA s. Matthew Ryan Ludolf
B. Boswell -- R. Thomas
9:00 am 116cr10060 Breen - Report Dates
USA v. James Walker Carroll, III
D. Smothers -- B. Boswell
9:00 am 116cr10060 Breen - Report Dates
USA vs. David Glyn Bryan
B. Boswell -- J. Morrow
9:00 am 116cr10045 Breen - Report Dates
USA vs. Terry Wayne Morton, Randle Hugh Bushart (SRV 12-10054), Freddie Joe Dailey
B. Boswell -- G. Cherry, C. Donahoe, D. Taylor
9:00 am 116cr10042 Breen - Report Dates
USA vs. James Yants
T. Eskridge -- B. Hooper
9:00 am 116cr10018 Breen - Report Dates
USA vs. Bryan Mayo & (16-10063)
T.Eskridge -- L. Tatum
9:00 am 116cr10013 Breen - Report Dates
USA s. Joseph Daniel Huntley
B. Boswell -- C. Wimbley
9:00 am 116cr10013 Breen - Report Dates
USA vs. Wesley Earl Jones
B. Boswell -- L. Tatum
9:00 am 116cr10068 Breen - Report Dates
USA v. Misty Dawn Haynes (005)
A. Larson (CJA) -- V. Ivy
9:00 am 215cr20043 Fowlkes - Evaluation Status
(T) USA v. Charles Tigner [USM # 27406-076]
Dean DeCandia -- Vicki Carriker
9:00 am 216cr20036 Fowlkes - Report Dates
USA v. Anthony Nelson, Jr. [USM#29543-076], Anthony Nelson, Sr.(R)[USM#10452-076], Anthony Burrow [USM#29545-076]; Brandon Brown(R)[USM # 29544-076], Nina Echols (R)[USM # 29541-076]
Jerry Kitchen, Michelle Parks -- Lorna McClusky, Leslie Ballin, Murray Wells, Randy Alden, Michael Stengle
9:00 am 215cr20142 Fowlkes - Report Dates
USA v. Robert Hoffman [USM# 29529-076]
Michelle Parks -- Leslie Ballin, John Miles
9:00 am 216cr20136 Lipman - Sentencing
USA v. Jermaine Glass
Samuel Stringfellow -- Arthur Horne
9:30 am 116cr10004 Breen - Sentencing
USA vs. Mark Ogg
B. Boswell -- C. Wimbley
9:30 am 216cr20263 Fowlkes - Supervised Release Violation
USA v. Leon Coger [USM# 21132-076]
Dean DeCandia -- David Bell
9:30 am 215cr20278 Mays - Sentencing
U.S.A. v. Randy Myers [USM # 23072-076]
J. Kitchen -- C. Sullivan
9:45 am 216cv2574 Anderson - Scheduling Conference
Stewart, et al v City Of Memphis, et al
Murray Wells, Carlos Moore -- Tannera Gibson, Clarence Halmon, Melisa Moore, Sasha Gilmore
10:00 am 115cr10088 Breen - Sentencing
USA vs. Quincy Wilson
M. Wilson -- B. Hooper
10:00 am 216cv02159 Fowlkes - Scheduling Conference
Latasha Willis v. Liberty Mutual Group, Inc., Smith & Nephew, Liberty Life Assurance Co. of Boston
Anthony Winters (by phone) -- C. Eric Stevens (by phone), Iwana Rademaekers (by Phone)
10:00 am 216cv02586 McCalla - Telephonic Status Conference
James Dunn, et al. v. Jeh Charles Johnson, et al.
Anne Elizabeth Carlson, David Lee Wison -- Ubaid ul-Haq
10:30 am 216cr20109 Lipman - Sentencing
USA v. Kevin Travell Gray
Stephen Hall -- Jennifer Danielle Fitzgerald
11:00 am 216cv02685 McCalla - Telephonic Scheduling Conference
Scruggs Equipment Company, Inc. v. Vactor Manufacturing, Inc., et al.
Brett A. Schubert -- Lisa Krupicka
1:30 pm 210cr20129 Mays - Supervised Release Violation
U.S.A. v. Demetrius Wells
M. Martindale -- D. Bell