United States District Court - Western District of Tennessee
Friday, September 16, 2016
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9:00 am 215cv2355 Lipman - Pretrial Conference
Vicky Evans & Gregory Evans v. Bob Evans Farm, LLC
Thomas R. Greer, Austin Charl Fleming, Stuart Baker Yates -- Luke Michael Seifert, Stephanie Camille Reifers, Brooks E. Kostakis
9:00 am 200cv0000 Mays - Probation Office Retreat
Probation Office Retreat - Do Not Set Criminal Matters Requiring USPO
9:30 am 215cv02255 McCalla - Pretrial Conference
Cornerstone Systems, Inc. v. Prestress Services Industries of Tennessee, LLC.
Blair Beavers Evans, Zachary A. Kisber -- Michael I. Less, John R. McCarroll, III, Kathryn K. Van Namen
10:00 am 216cv2290 Anderson - Scheduling Conference
Brooks v United States Postal Service
J. Vincent Perryman -- Samuel Keenan Carter
10:00 am 214cv2365 Mays - Pretrial Conference
Joanne P. Russ v. Memphis Light, Gas & Water Division
K. Caldwell -- S. Belz, M. Tauer, M. Shaw
12:00 pm 000cv0000 Anderson - LUNCHEON-MTG TO FOLLOW
Luncheon-Meeting To Follow
(Law Clerks in Attendance)
12:00 pm 20000 Claxton - JUDGES' CONFERENCE ROOM
Quarterly Luncheon - Law Clerks in Attendance - Meeting to Follow
12:00 pm 00cv0000 Mays - Judges' Luncheon & Meeting
Judges' Luncheon & Meeting
2:00 pm 210cr20208 Mays - Supervised Release Violation
U.S.A. v. Kenneth Blake King
D. Pritchard, K. Whitmore -- S. Farese
3:00 pm 215cr20235 Mays - Sentencing
U.S.A. v. Anthony Wooten
S. Stringfellow -- D. Bell