United States District Court - Western District of Tennessee
Friday, November 5, 2021
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9:00 am 119cr10022 Anderson - IN PERSON SRV/Status Conference - CR1
USA vs. Billy Floyd Leasure {USM # 31716-074}
Vic Ivy -- Jennifer Free
9:00 am 220cv02104 Parker - Pretrial Conference - CR2
Cynthia Smith v. Midtown Center for Health and Rehabilitation, LLC & MC Consulting, LLC
Cameron C. Jehl, Deena Knopf Arnold, Carey Lynn Acerra -- Christopher L. Shaeffer, Hunter Carroll
9:30 am 220cv2492 Mays - Pretrial Conference - CR7
Edward Brusseau v. Shelby County Health Care Corporation d/b/a Regional One Health -- RESET to 11/29/21 at 9:30 AM
Alan G. Crone, Catherine C. Walsh, and Amanda M. Garland -- Jonathan C. Hancock and Emma R. Davis
9:30 am 220cv2042 Mays - Pretrial Conference - CR7
Ronald Lemmon v. Conagra Brands, Inc.
William A. Wooten -- Hillary L. Klein
9:30 am 220cv02762 McCalla - Pretrial Conference - CR7
Tenice Hicks, Frederick Hicks v. Miranda J. Redden
Michael Shawn Cardwell, Bobby F. Martin, Jr. -- Forrest Robert Jenkins
9:30 am 220cv02332 Parker - Pretrial Conference - CR2
Stephanie Cates v. Wyatt Earp''''s Steak House LLC, et al. - 877-336-1839
Andrew Lampros, Gordon Van Remmen -- Ralph Gibson for all Defendants
10:00 am 220cv2435 Lipman - Pretrial Conference - CR1
Renee Robinson v Linda Jew Mathis and Golden & Mathis
Stuart Robinson, Kelly D. Simpkins -- Wendy Lynne Longmire
10:00 am 120cv01208 York - Pretrial Conference - CR3
OCR - Johnson et al v. Victoria's Insurance, Now Nationwide Insurance
Angela Jane Johnson (Pro Se), Audrey Angel Johnson-Duncan (Pro Se) -- Jonathan Stewart, Rusty Reviere