United States District Court - Western District of Tennessee
Monday, November 23, 2015
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9:00 am 114cr10045 Breen - Sentencing
USA vs. Joey Darling
B. Boswell -- S. West
9:00 am 212cr20052 Mays - Supervised Release Violation
U.S.A. v. Levetta Collier
F. Godwin, M. Erskine -- T. Paylor
9:30 am 114cv1238 Breen - Jury Trial
Ignatius Siecienski vs. Eric Trent Rowe and United Parcel Service, Inc.
E. Laurenzi -- D. Chapman, R. Cox
9:30 am 214cv2792 Lipman - Jury Trial
Marion Gurkin v. Consolidated Insurance Co.
Ryan Christopher Smith -- David S. Zinn
9:30 am 213cv2850 Lipman - Non-Jury Trial
Jackson National Life Insurance Co. v. Amber Pettis, et al.
Michael C. McLaren -- Edward T. Autry, Theresa H. Patterson, Terrance McGee Pettis (Pro Se)
9:30 am 214cr20143 McCalla - Sentencing
USA v. Kadarius Preyer [USM???]
Damon Griffin -- Unam Peter Oh
1:15 pm 113cv1190 Breen - Pretrial Conference
Beverly Hunt, et al vs. Celadon Trucking Services, Inc.
D. Siegel -- J. Feeney