United States District Court - Western District of Tennessee
Monday, November 20, 2017
Last updated Wed Feb 22 19:03:14 2017
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9:00 am 115cv1275 Breen - Pretrial Conference
Iman Jama vs. Boyd & Sons, Inc. and Shawn Hosea
M. Wright -- J. Satch
9:30 am 116cv2708 Breen - Jury Trial
Jason Lohner vs. Lake Co. , Tennessee and Lake Co. Sheriff's Dept.
D. Dedmon -- M. Courtner, B. Box
9:30 am 116cv1229 Breen - Jury Trial
Nicole Watson vs. Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC
J. Bobbitt, E. Emmons, J. Gilbert -- J. Rusie
9:30 am 216cv2502 Lipman - Non-Jury Trial
Thomas E. Perez, Sec. Dept. of Labor v. Electrolux Home Products, Inc.
Matt Stephen Shepherd -- Lisa A. Lichterman, Paul E. Prather, Kimberly Marie Shappley
9:30 am 316cv01969 McCalla - Tel. Summary Judg. Mot. Hrg.
Chelsea Dalton v. Renal Care Group, Inc.
Roland F. Mumford -- Casey M. Parker, Wendy V. Miller