United States District Court - Western District of Tennessee
Judge Jon P. McCalla
Monday, May 15, 2017
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9:30 am 216cv02941 Telephonic Scheduling Conference
Rene Savage v. Goal Transports, Inc,, et al.
David E. Gordon, Philip Eric Oliphant, Erin Lupton Hillyard -- Mary Elizabeth Haltom White (Goal Transports, Inc. & Johnny Noel), Robert L. Moore (State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company)
10:30 am 217cv02135 Telephonic Scheduling Conference
Renee Guibao v. Gibson's Donuts Inc. and H & H Samuels Properties, LLC
Craig J. Ehrlich -- Brian L. Yoakum
11:30 am 217cv02196 Telephonic Scheduling Conference
Carla Allen Askew & Alexio Allen v. City of Memphis, Tennessee, et al.
Edward M. Bearman, Randall J. Fishman -- Clarence Halmon, Harriett M. Halmon, Sasha Bianca Gilmore (City of Memphis, Tennessee), Mary Elizabeth McKinney (Joshua Crawford & Brian Moore)