United States District Court - Western District of Tennessee
Judge Samuel H. Mays
Monday, June 26, 2017
Last updated Thu Jun 29 08:16:02 2017
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9:00 am 217cv2045 Scheduling Conference
Chelsea Woods v. A+ Care Solutions, Inc., et al.
E. Bearman, J. Allen -- R. Thomas
9:15 am 216cv2171 Status Conference
Jayme Boyle v. Evolve Bank & Trust, et al.
K. Caldwell -- K. Van Namen, M. Lubozynski, R. Craddock
9:30 am 299cr20089 Supervised Release Violation
U.S.A. v. Quantrese Brazzell [USM #17747-076]
S. Stringfellow, S. Hall, M. Kimbril-Parks -- R. Gibson, J. Perryman
10:30 am 215cr20209 Change of Plea
U.S.A. v. Christopher La Renza Gathright
J. Murphy, D. DeCandia -- R. Parris
1:30 pm 215cr20209 Sentencing
U.S.A. v. Iesha Lazaira Davis [USM # 27642-076]
J. Murphy, D. DeCandia -- P. Oh