United States District Court - Western District of Tennessee
Thursday, May 18, 2017
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9:00 am 115cr10102 Breen - Sentencing
USA vs. Tarrice Martez McCarley
B. Boswell -- D. Camp
9:00 am 217cr20044 Fowlkes - Report Dates
USA v. James Reeves [USM# 30106-076]
Mobayonle Osundare -- Mary Jermann-Robinson
9:00 am 217cv2165 Lipman - Scheduling Conference
Shedrick D. Hamer & Erin E. Lewis v. Source One Healthcare Professionals d/b/a Nurses Nationwide & Denise Burnett Stewart
Donald A. Donati, Janelle Crandall Osowski, William B. Ryan, Bryce William Ashby -- Jeff Weintraub, Martin F. Thompson, Robert W. Ratton, III
9:00 am 00cv0000 Mays - Court Not In Session
Court Not In Session
9:00 am 15cv16849 McCalla - Civil v. US
Maged Shaibi v. Nancy Berryhill
9:00 am 15cv16265 McCalla - Civil v. US
Stephen Turner v. Nancy Berryhill
9:00 am 15cv16097 McCalla - Civil v. US
Maria Perales v. Nancy Berryhill
9:00 am 15cv16173 McCalla - Diversity
Jennifer Davidson v. Kimberly-Clark Corp.
9:00 am 14cv70418 McCalla - Imm Asy
Harbinder Singh v. Dana J. Boente
9:00 am 15cv16144 McCalla - Rights
Linda Clifford v. David Clark
9:30 am 117cr10005 Anderson - Sentencing
USA vs. Kasey Newlen (USM# 30056-076)- TO BE RESET
Matthew Wilson-AUSA -- Bruce Griffey -FPD
9:30 am 217cr20032 Fowlkes - Sentencing
USA v. Renwick Chavez Edwards
Carroll Andre -- Ned Germany
10:00 am 216cr20222 Fowlkes - Sentencing
USA v. Melvin Hutchieson [USM# 29887-076]
Mobayonle Osundare -- Ross Sampson
10:30 am 216cr20214 Fowlkes - Sentencing
USA v. Christopher Ross (Defednant in State Custody)
Mobayonle Osundare -- Mary Jermann-Robinson
11:00 am 116cr10052 Breen - Sentencing
USA vs. Lavokeous Ivory
T. Eskridge -- M. Smothers
11:00 am 217cv02074 Fowlkes - Scheduling Conference
Eddie Jackson v. Ocwen Loan Servicing, LLC
Amy Ferrera (by phone) -- Don Hearn, Jr.
11:30 am 217cv02032 Fowlkes - Scheduling Conference
Lori L. Moore v. Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., Shapiro & Ingle, LLP Tennessee
Webb Brewer -- Bradley E. Trammell, Jason Kenneth Purser
1:30 pm 115cr10066 Breen - Sentencing
USA v. Ricky Wade, Jr.
B. Boswell -- C. Donahoe
2:00 pm 106cr10077 Breen - Supervised Release Violation
USA vs. Decarlos Watkins
J. Powell -- D. Smothers
2:15 pm 116cr10060 Breen - Sentencing
USA vs. James Walker Carroll, III (3)
B. Boswell -- M. Smothers