United States District Court - Western District of Tennessee
Monday, March 19, 2018
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9:30 am 115cr10046 Anderson - Jury Trial
USA vs. John Michael Briley
Matt Wilson, Vic Ivy -- William Massey, Lorna McClusky
9:30 am 216cv2899 Lipman - Jury Trial
Kevin A. Maxwell v. Wepfer Marine, Inc.
Linda Kendall Garner -- Frank J. Dantone
9:30 am 216cv2043 Lipman - Jury Trial
Anthony T. Grose, Sr. v. Jacob J. Lew, Sec. Dept. of Treasury
Pro Se -- Monica M. Simmons-Jones
9:30 am 314cv2034 Mays - Jury Trial
Susan M. Curlee v. Mars Petcare US, Inc. -- RESET to 06/18/2018 at 9:30 AM
B. Rose, J. Arters, M. Brooke -- K. Overbaugh, T. Davies, N. Goggans
9:30 am 215cv2695 Mays - Jury Trial
Ashley Ausburn, et al. v. YMCA of Memphis and the Mid-South -- RESET to 06/18/2018 at 9:30 AM
J. Holt, J. Bryant, P. Jackson, G. Jackson -- J. Stock, E. Kuo, R. Paul
9:30 am 216cv02941 McCalla - Jury Trial
Rene Savage v. Goal Transports, Inc,, et al.
David E. Gordon, Philip Eric Oliphant, Erin Lupton Hillyard -- Mary Elizabeth Haltom White (Goal Transports, Inc. & Johnny Noel), Robert L. Moore (State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company)
9:30 am 216cv02111 McCalla - Jury Trial
Myra Wilkins v. Shelby County, Tennessee
Victor I. Fleitas -- Marlinee Iverson, Robert Joseph Leibovich
9:30 am 217cv02612 McCalla - Non-Jury Trial
Ambassador Worldwide Protection Agency, Inc. v. Priority Fulfillment Services, Inc.
Jonathan Stokes -- Michael C. McLaren, Robert L. Crawford
1:15 pm 116cv01319 Anderson - Pretrial Conference
Torres v. Precision Industries, Inc.
Bryce William Ashby , Steven Wilson -- James Holt , Jr. , Paula Jackson