United States District Court - Western District of Tennessee
Friday, March 17, 2023
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9:30 am 121cv02818 Anderson - Pretrial Conference - CR1
Griffin, et al v. American Select Insurance Company et al
Alexandria Fisher -- James Tomkins
9:30 am 221cv02432 McCalla - Pretrial Conference - CR3
(PTC) LSP Products Group, Inc. v. IPS Corporation
Andrea Pham Nguyen, Austin Taylor Rainey, Eric Maurer, Joseph Staley, William McDowell Patterson, Chris Patterson -- Amy Pepke, Bruce Rose, Marguerite McGowan Stringer
9:30 am 221cv2757 Norris - Pretrial Conference - CR4
Jeremy Grey v. Fastimes #5 Partnership
Rebecca Hutto -- Henry Blake Talbot
10:00 am 21cv2584 Lipman - Pretrial Conference - CR1
Sandra Lea Rodgers, et al. v. Biddeford Blankets, LLC, et al. (TEAMS)
David B Mour -- Vickie Moffett Cruzen
10:00 am 221cv2563 Mays - Pretrial Conference - CR3
Brandon Howard v. R.J. Corman Railroad Group, LLC
Eugene A. Laurenzi and Lauren Hutton -- Ken Bryant and Alexandria Rhodes
10:00 am 221cv2659 Norris - Pretrial Conference - CR4
Lisa Green v. First Tennessee Bank National Association
Orlando F Cabanday -- Nicole Reid McAtee , Thomas L. Henderson