United States District Court - Western District of Tennessee
Monday, June 27, 2016
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9:30 am 115cv2218 Breen - Jury Trial
Clayton D. Kelley and Bonnie Kelley vs. Floyd E. Ferris and Admiral Merchants Motor Frieght, Inc.
A. Smith -- J. Tarpley
9:30 am 115cv1094 Breen - Jury Trial
Richard Lynn Rushing, Sr. and wife, Kathy Rushing vs. Christopher S. Chancey, etc.
C. Hicks -- B. Box, N. Shelby
9:30 am 115cv1074 Breen - Jury Trial
Mary Epperson, et al vs. City of Humboldt, Tennessee, et al
M. Rowan, B. Cohen, M. Gaines -- J. Burleson, M. Courtner, M. Conder
9:30 am 115cv1068 Breen - Jury Trial
Josh Tillman vs. Decatur County, et al
L. Thorne -- W. Mauldin, N. Tilley, R. Burns
9:30 am 215cv2369 Lipman - Jury Trial
Riar's Inc. & Sammie Riar v. State Automobile Mutual Insurance Co.
Larry A. Weissman -- Parks T. Chastain, Edward Jason Ferrell
9:30 am 215cv02038 Lipman - Jury Trial
Walter E. Moody v. Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis
James E. King, Jr. -- Paul E. Prether, Mallory Schneider Ricci & Rodrick D. Holmes
9:30 am 215cv2297 Mays - Jury Trial
Essie James, et al. v. Petra Finance, LLC, et al.
W. Brewer -- J. Campbell
9:30 am 215cv02257 McCalla - Non-Jury Trial
Kariem A. Salaam, et al v. City of Memphis, TN
William Ryan -- Philip Oliphant