United States District Court - Western District of Tennessee
Monday, January 8, 2018
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9:00 am 112cr10096 Breen - Supervised Release Violation
USA vs. Kenneth M. Price, Jr.
J. Powell -- J. Howell
9:30 am 216cv2652 Anderson - Jury Trial
Anderson v Memphis Housing Authority, et al
Bryan Huffman -- Gregory Perry
9:30 am 216cv02842 Anderson - Jury Trial
Blackwell et al v. Auto-Owners Mutual Insurance Company
Clinton H. Scott , James McWherter -- Parks Chastain, Ashley Geno, Edward Ferrell
9:30 am 116cv1284 Breen - Jury Trial
Suzanne Grooms vs. Steak N Shake, Inc. and Southern Restaurant Operations, LLC
S. Barnes -- B. Box, B. Stout
9:30 am 216cv2789 Lipman - Jury Trial
Rushing v. City of Memphis, et al.
H. Manis -- S. Hunt, B. McKinney, T. Taylor
9:30 am 217cv02016 McCalla - Jury Trial
Lynda Fitzpatrick v. Kroger Limited Partnership I
Jared W. Eastlack -- Christopher L. Vescovo
9:30 am 216cv02928 McCalla - Jury Trial
Demetria White v. W.M. Barr & Company, Inc.
Justin Gilbert -- John W. Simmons