United States District Court - Western District of Tennessee
Friday, January 29, 2016
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9:00 am 214cv2294 Lipman - Scheduling Conference
Arvion Taylor v. Pilot Corp., et al.
Clinton H. Scott, Gregg I. Shavitz, Jessica Farris Salonus, Kara Beth Huffstutter, Keith M. Stern, Michael L. Russell, Michael John Palitz, Emily S. Emmons -- Jennifer M. Bedsole, Zachary B. Busey, Whitney M. Harmon
9:00 am Mays - Court Not In Session
Court Not In Session
9:00 am 215cv02004 McCalla - Pretrial Conference
Kathy W & Kenneth Winfrey v. Estes Express Lines
Ricky Wilkins, Sharon Loy -- R. Scott Vincent
9:30 am 214cv02796 McCalla - Pretrial Conference
Paul & Joyce Boettcher v. Houstyn & James Loosier, et al
Paul Mark Ledbetter -- Dawn Davis Carson, Stephen C. Barton
10:00 am 215cv2740 Lipman - Scheduling Conference
Lisa Taylor Ballard v. Shelby County Board of Education & Dorsey Hopson, II
Courtney Lynch Wilbert, Richard L. Colbert -- Mary Wu, Lori Hackleman Patterson