United States District Court - Western District of Tennessee
Monday, January 23, 2023
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9:30 am 121cv02373 Anderson - Jury Trial - CR1
Olympic Steak and Pizza, LLC v. Western World Insurance Company
Randall Songstad -- Jordan Watson, Derek Nullins
9:30 am 120cv01257 Anderson - Jury Trial - CR1
Wright v. Madison County
Robert Hilliard, Rudy Gonzales, Christopher Smith, David Smith, Lindsey Corbin -- James Pentecost, Haynes Russell
9:30 am 121cv2373 Breen - Jury Trial - CR2
Olympic Steak and Pizza, LLC vs. Western World Insurance Company
Toby Gammill -- Jordan D. Watson, Allan S. Jones
9:30 am 120cv1143 Breen - Jury Trial - CR2
Eddie Haggard vs. Hardin County, Tennessee, ET AL.
William Michael Thorne, Leanne A. Thorne -- James I. Pentecost, Nathan Daniel Tilly
9:30 am 222cv2036 Lipman - Jury Trial - CR1
Donald Johnson and Patricia Johnson v. Michael J. Price, Jr. and Mid Delta Leasing, Inc.
Bobby F. Martin, Jr. -- Hal S. Spragins, Jr.
9:30 am 221cv2156 Lipman - Non-Jury Trial - CR1
John Doe a/k/a Sean W. Lee v William Lee, Governor of the State of TN, and David B. Rausch, Director, TBI
Howard B. Manis -- Miranda Jones
9:30 am 221cv2274 Norris - Jury Trial - CR4
Joseph Williams v. City of Memphis
Cullen Daniel Hamelin -- Alan G. Crone, Catherine Carter Walsh
9:30 am 221cv2140 Norris - Jury Trial - CR4
Pristex Medical, LLC v. Julian Roebuck, et al.
Lewis Clayton Culpepper , III -- Paul B. Billings , Jr.
9:30 am 219cv02707 Parker - Jury Trial - CR2
Liberty Mutual Insurance Co. & Liberty Mutual Group, Inc. v. Brian Marks
Michael Gerard Donovan, Ross Emerson Webster -- Janelle Crandall Osowski, William B. Ryan, John Burleson and Adam Crider for John Crider and Fieldstone Insurnace Partners, LLC.
9:30 am 217cv02502 Parker - Jury Trial - CR2
Boaz Pleasant-Bey v. Shelby County
Pro Se -- Emmett Whitwell,