United States District Court - Western District of Tennessee
Friday, January 17, 2020
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8:00 am 220cr20000 Vescovo - Criminal Duty
No Criminal Duty Matters to be set in the Morning
9:00 am 116cr10067 Anderson - Status Conference
USA vs. Demarcus Deon Crawford
Beth Boswell -- Matt Maddox
9:00 am 219cv02711 Fowlkes - Scheduling Conference
Tanio Sheffa v. Cajun Operating Company d/b/a Church''s Chicken
Eugene A. Laurenzi, Jessica Bradley Wiseman -- Cameron M. Watson, Kevin David Bernstein
9:00 am 219cr20083 Lipman - Interim Report Date
USA v. James Litton
Andrew Pennebaker, Jason Knutson, Jillian Willis, Dean DeCandia -- Claiborne Ferguson, Ramon Damas
9:00 am 218cr20115 Parker - Report Date
USA v. Kyle Maxey [USM#30857-076]
Raney Irwin, Carroll Andre -- Claiborne Ferguson
9:00 am 219cv02036 Vescovo - Settlement Conference
United States of America v. $20,000.00 in United States Currency
C. Cotten -- J. Wayne Doss for Claimant
9:01 am 119cr10024 Anderson - Change of Plea
USA vs. Verdell Crosser
Jerry Kitchen -- Dianne Smothers
9:15 am 219cv02770 Fowlkes - Scheduling Conference
William A. Sharp d/b/a Harpo''s Bar and Grill v. State Farm Fire and Casualty Company
Joseph Barton -- Mary Tullis
9:15 am 218cr20005 Lipman - Final Report Date/Change of Plea Deadlin
USA v. (14) Kisha Jackson [USM # 31114-076]
Dean DeCandia, David Pritchard -- John H. Parker, II
9:15 am 219cv2715 Norris - Scheduling Conference
Howard Anthony Jesmer v. Erie Insurance Company
David M. Waldrop -- Jonathan D. Stewart, Russell E. Reviere
9:30 am 119cr10023 Anderson - Change of Plea
USA vs. Kevin Melton (1)
Jerry Kitchen -- Dianne Smothers
9:30 am 118cv01231 Anderson - Pretrial Conference
Bernier et al v. Sam's East, Inc. et al -- RESET to TBD
Jason Nowlin -- Brandon Reedy, Russell Reviere
9:30 am 219cr20102 Fowlkes - Sentencing
USA v. Rodney Smothers [USM# ????]
Marques Young -- Ned Germany
9:30 am 218cv2509 Mays - Pretrial Conference
Angela Johnson v. Baptist Memorial Health Care Corporation
S. Campbell -- P. Prather, S. Mehdian, P. Irons
9:30 am 219cr20096 McCalla - Sentencing - Courtroom 7
USA v. Quinton Yates [USM # 12457-076]
Raney L. Irwin -- Unam Peter Oh
9:30 am 219cv2581 Norris - Scheduling Conference
Owners Insurance Company v. KW Real Estate Ventures
Michael A. Johnson -- Scott W. Wilkinson
9:30 am 218cv02785 Parker - Pretrial Conference
Harriet Draper v. Bonefish Grill, LLC
Mark Lambert -- Sean Martin
9:45 am 219cv2631 Norris - Scheduling Conference
Keva Taylor v. Securian Financial Group, Inc., et at.
Chasity Sharp Grice -- Kelly D. Simpkins
10:00 am 118cv01197 Anderson - Pretrial Conference
Haltom v. State Farm Fire and Casualty Company
Randall Songstad -- Christopher Vescovo - James Duckworth
10:00 am 219cr20190 Fowlkes - Change of Plea
USA v. Allen Crutcher [USM# ????]
Marques Young -- Robert Parris
10:00 am 218cv2746 Mays - Pretrial Conference
Eugena J. Stansbury v. Dr. Lee Faulkner -- RESET to 2/21/2020 at 9:30 AM
J. Osowski, W. Ryan -- Y. Hardaway
10:00 am 219cv2505 Norris - Scheduling Conference
Ronald Frumkes v. United of Omaha Life Insurance Company
Robert S. Wilson -- Camerson S. Hill
10:00 am 217cv02896 Parker - Pretrial Conference
Keosha Morgan v. City of Ripley, Tennessee (877-336-1839)
Pro Se' -- Mathew Courtner, John Burleson
10:15 am 219cv2606 Norris - Scheduling Conference
Hazem Alghanmiyeen v. Summer Fuel, LLC, et al.
Thomas Shumate, IV, Summer Melton (via telephone) -- Mark J. Grai
10:30 am 119cr10103 Anderson - Report Date/Scheduling Conference
USA vs. Fred Kinney (4)
Jerry Kitchen -- Michael Weinman
10:30 am 119cr10033 Anderson - Sentencing
USA vs. Terry Hardin
Hillary Parham -- Lloyd Tatum
10:30 am 218cv2736 Norris - Pretrial Conference
Glenda F. Glinsey v. City of Memphis, et al.
Terrell Tooten -- Barbaralette Davis
11:00 am 219cr20054 Lipman - Final Report Date/Change of Plea
USA v. Ryan Taylor
P. Neal Oldham, Sean Hord -- Robert Thomas
11:00 am 218cr20413 Parker - Sentencing
USA v. James Morgan [USM#21261-076]
Elizabeth Rogers -- Jennifer Fitzgerald
11:00 am 218cr20228 Parker - Sentencing
USA v. Brandon Bowen [USM#30980-076]
Karen Hartridge -- Michael Scholl
1:30 pm 217cr20060 Lipman - Sentencing
USA v. Leo Bibbs, III [USM#55738-019]
Mark Erskine -- Michael Scholl
1:30 pm 219cr20078 Parker - Sentencing
USA v. Kathryn Russell
Dean DeCandia -- Leslie Ballin
2:30 pm 218cr20277 Parker - Sentencing
USA v. (1) Jeffrey P. Meadows [USM #31113-076]
Sean Hord -- Taurus Bailey
2:30 pm 220cr20000 Vescovo - Detention Hearing
Detention Hearings to be set beginning at 2:30 PM