United States District Court - Western District of Tennessee
Judge John T. Fowlkes
Friday, September 25, 2015
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9:00 am 215cr20189 Report Dates
USA v. Quinton Wilkins
Dean DeCandia -- David Bell
9:00 am 215cr20188 Report Dates
USA v. Ricky Poole
Doug Carriker -- Ned Germany
9:00 am 215cr20024 Report Dates
USA v. Rico Townsend [USM#27614-076]
Karen Hartridge -- Pro Se, Peter Oh (elbow counsel)
9:00 am 215cr20198 Report Dates
USA v. Julius Ford [USM # 27618-076]
Kasey Weiland -- Mary Jermann-Robinson
9:00 am 213cv03002 Status Conference
Jane Doe v. City of Memphis
Rickey E. Wilkins, Sharon Harless Loy, Bryan Meredith, Emmett Lee Whitwell, Robert L.J. Spence, Jr. -- Robert D. Meyers, Barbaralette G. Davis, Brandon D. Pettes, Regina Morrison Newman, Daniel Owen Lofton
9:30 am 214cv02090 Pretrial Conference
P. Diane coleman v. Shelby County Schools
Donald A. Donati, William B. Ryan, Bryce William Ashby -- Yasmin A. Mohammad
10:00 am 214cr20300 Sentencing
USA v. Andrew Knox [27126-076]
D. DeCandia -- N. Germany, III