United States District Court - Western District of Tennessee
Judge John T. Fowlkes
Thursday, November 2, 2017
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9:00 am 217cr20239 Report Dates
USA v. Joseph Tyson Honshell [USM# 30409-076]
Lorraine Criag -- Tatine Darker
9:00 am 217cr20274 Report Dates
USA v. Scottie F. Alexander [USM#3 0411-076]
Jerry Kitchen -- Mary Jermann-Robinson
9:00 am 217cr20173 Report Dates
USA v. Guadelupe Garcia
Michelle Kimbril-Parks -- Janika White
9:00 am 215cv02709 Status Conference
Radiological Center of Memphis v. Methodist Healthcare-Memphis Hospitals, The West Clinic
Bradley B. Falkof (by phone), Clarence A. Wilbon -- Michael D. Tauer (by telephone), William L. Bomar
9:30 am 216cr20081 Sentencing
USA v. Tommy Lee Wilkins [USM#29618-076]
Sam Stringfellow -- Lauren Pasley-Ward
10:00 am 217cr20093 Report Dates
USA v. Ceyton Humphrey [USM # 30201-076]
Michelle Parks -- Christopher Sullivan
10:00 am 209cr20300 Supervised Release Violation
USA v. Alvin Wiseman [USM# 19460-076]
Mark Erskine -- Ned Germany
10:30 am 217cr20091 Sentencing
USA v. Major Hurt [USM#30180-076]
Michelle Parks -- John Keith Perry, Jr.
11:00 am 216cr20004 Supervised Release Violation
USA v. Johnny Ray Parr [USM# 19779-076]
Michelle Kimbril-Parks -- Peter Oh