United States District Court - Western District of Tennessee
Tuesday, February 7, 2017
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9:00 am 113cr10081 Breen - Supervised Release Violation
USA vs. Laura Faye Brady -- RESET to 2/8/17 at 11:00 AM
M. Wilson -- R. Thomas
9:00 am 20000 Claxton - DRUG COURT
9:00 am 212cv02312 Fowlkes - Jury Trial (Day 6 of 8)
(T) Sandra Fay Hall v. Memphis City Schools et al -- RESET to 2/8/2017 at 10:00 AM
Frank S. Cantrell, Craig P. Barnes, Matthew F. Jones, Judith A. Gran -- Christopher S. Campbell, Sara Marie Garner, Emily Hamm Huseth
9:00 am 216cr20199 Lipman - Jury Trial Resumes
USA v. (3) Terry Farris [USM #29867-076]
Karen Hartridge, Kevin Whitmore -- Stephen Leffler
9:30 am 215cv2411 Anderson - Jury Trial
Hutson v Federal Express Corporation, et al.
Bryce Ashby, Donald Donati, Janelle Osowski -- J.B. Reafsynder, W. Fogerty
9:30 am 116cr10090 Breen - Report Date/Suppression Hearing
USA vs. Skyler Smith - TO BE RESET -- RESET to 2/15/17 at 10:00 AM
T. Eskridge -- M. Smothers
9:30 am 216cv02426 McCalla - Telephonic Status Conference
Carla Martin v. Lowe's Home Centers, LLC
Stuart Baker Yates -- Christopher Michael Myatt, Cameron M. Watson
10:00 am 216cv02686 Claxton - Telephonic Scheduling Conference
Sharp v. MECCA Campus School, Inc., et al
Christopher Espy -- Stanley McNeese
10:30 am 216cv02904 Claxton - Telephonic Scheduling Conference
Michal John Hoffman v. Caliber Home Loans, Inc., et al
Ted Jones -- Heather Wright & Benjamin Perry for Caliber/ Nicholas Adler for Brock & Scott
10:30 am 215cv02726 McCalla - Telephonic Status Conference
ECIMOS, LLC v. Carrier Corporation, et al.
Everett B. Gibson, J. O'Neal Perryman, Ralph T. Gibson -- Garrett M. Estep, Robert A. McLean (Carrier Corporation), Don Lester Hearn, Jr., Jeremy G. Alpert, Ryan Michael Skertich (Patrick L. White & Engineered Corntrols and Integration, LLC)
11:00 am 216cv02117 Claxton - Scheduling Conference
CR5 Marcus Shelton v. City of Millington, et al
Pro Se -- William Wyatt
2:00 pm 117cr10008 Bryant - Detention Hearing
USA v Robert Hutchinson, Jr.
T. Eskridge -- B. Griffey (AFPD)
2:00 pm 217cr20026 Vescovo - Initial Appearance / Indictment
USA v. Thomas Bryan [USM#]
B. Stigger
2:30 pm 117cr10004 Bryant - Detention Hearing
USA v L.C. Gills, Jr.
M. Wilson -- C. Mark Donahoe (CJA)
2:30 pm 217cr20020 Vescovo - Detention Hearing
USA v. James Neil [USM # 30075-076]
M. Young -- David Bell, AFPD
2:45 pm 217cr20014 Vescovo - Detention Hearing
USA v. Levester Grayer [USM # 30071-076]
Wm. Crow -- James Thomas - CJA
3:30 pm 112cv1172 Breen - Telephone Status Conference
NTCH-West Tenn, Inc. vs. ZTE Corporation and ZTE USA, Inc.
J. Austin, S. Barnett, C. Barnett -- A. Mathis, L. Besvinick, J. Houseal