United States District Court - Western District of Tennessee
Tuesday, February 23, 2016
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9:30 am 112cv1196 Breen - Jury Trial
King Bradley, Jr. and Christie Bradley vs. Ameristep, Inc.
B. Box, N. Shelby, T. Monsees, Bartoni -- A. McLean, S. Anderson, M. Karfis
9:30 am 114cv01352 Bryant - Jury Trial Resumes
Crouse v. The City of Jackson, Tennessee et al
J. Colin Morris -- Dale Conder
9:30 am 214cv2494 Lipman - Jury Trial
(JT) Theaudry Hall, et al. v. USF Holland, Inc., et al.
Glenn Keith Vines, Jr., Mark N. Geller -- Marc H. Harwell, Jeffrey E. Nicoson