United States District Court - Western District of Tennessee
Friday, February 2, 2018
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9:00 am 217cv02546 Fowlkes - Status Conference
Kimberly J. Thomson, Donald O. Thomson, Jr. v. Antasha S. Jefferson
James R. Kennamer (by phone), James B. -- Thomas P. Cassidy, Jr.
9:00 am 217cv02438 Fowlkes - Status Conference
Lillian Price v. ERB Equipment Co., Inc., Terry Dowdy
Drayton D. Berkley -- Kenneth R. Shuttleworth, Robert A. Talley
9:30 am 217cv02030 McCalla - Pretrial Conference
Tyra Thomas-Nance v. CLC of Whitehaven, LLC & Kathy Bryant
Robert A. Donati -- John G. Wheeler, L. Bradley Dillard
10:00 am 215cv02587 Fowlkes - Pretrial Conference
Alicia J. Lindsey v. Shelby County Board of Education
Bryce Ashby, Drew Davis, Donald Donati -- Mallory Schneider Ricci, Roderick Holmes (by phone), Tamika Nordstrom and Yasmin Mohammad
10:30 am 216cv2895 Pham - Pretrial Conference
OCR - Charles Mark McDaniel, et al v UT Medical Group, Inc.
Tannera G. Gibson, Frank B. Thacher, III -- Marcy D. Magee, Natalie M. Bursi
2:30 pm 215cv02702 McCalla - Pretrial Conference
Daniel B. Wilson v. Agrileum
William A. Wooten, Joseph Russ Bryant -- Elise Christine Hofer, James C. Bradshaw , III