United States District Court - Western District of Tennessee
Tuesday, February 18, 2020
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9:00 am 218cr20280 Fowlkes - Jury Trial
(T) USA v. Gregory Taylor [USM# 31228-076]
Joseph Griffith -- Robert Thomas
9:00 am 217cv02013 McCalla - Jury Trial Resumes
(JT) United States of America v. Smith & Nephew Inc. & Metro Medical Equipment & Supply, Inc.
[In Re: Richard Lardner: Gerald Charles Robinson, Nathaniel Forbes Smith, Susan M. Coler, Amber Griffin Shaw] [United States of America: Matt Waldrop, Stuart J. Canale, Amber Griffin Shaw] -- [Smith & Nephew: Robert Jeffrey Layne, Benjamin I. Koplin, Byron Norman Brown, Byron Keates Blake] [Metro Medical Equipment & Supply, Inc.: Benjamin Daniel Woodard, John Robert Munich, E. Franklin Childress, Jr.]
9:00 am 218cv2617 Pham - Jury Trial
OCR - Barbara Hannon v Stryker Corporattion
Frank B. Thacher, III, Gary S. Peeples, Malcolm B. Futhey, III -- John Smith T., Elise K. Reecer and Lela M. Hollabaugh
9:30 am 118cv01164 Anderson - Jury Trial
Peterson v. West TN Expediting, Inc.
Brian Winfrey -- Charles Agee, Jr.
9:30 am 118cr10125 Anderson - Jury Trial
USA vs. William Edward Roddey
Jim Powell -- Jawara Griffin
9:30 am 219cr20304 Lipman - Criminal Jury Trial
USA v Darion Jackson [USM # 31762-076]
Elizabeth Rogers -- John McNeil
9:30 am 219cr20195 Lipman - Criminal Jury Trial
USA v Maurice Nash [USM # ???]
Patrick Neal Oldham -- Ruchee Patel
9:30 am 218cv2459 Mays - Jury Trial
Sherita Glover Crawford v. Jeanine Nichole Burnside
L. Richardson -- J. King
9:30 am 218cv2056 Mays - Non-Jury Trial
Charles Davis, et al. v. U.S.A. -- RESET to 4/13/20 at 9:30 AM
L. Chiozza -- M. Waldrop, R. Taylor, S. Canale, J. Martin
9:30 am 219cr20116 Norris - Criminal Jury Trial
U.S.A. v. Michael Shane Rogers [USM # 31455-076]
Sean Hord -- Peter Oh, Anna Hamilton
9:30 am 218cr20185 Parker - Criminal Jury Trial
USA v. 1)Arkiest Young, [USM # 31211-076] and 3) Davonte Gary [USM #31083-076]
Kevin Whitmore, Samuel Winnig -- 1) Andre Wharton; 3) Pro Se'. (Michael Stengel stand by counsel)
9:30 am 218cv02855 Parker - Jury Trial
Officer Erin Shepherd v. Shelby County Government, et al.
William Sessions, III -- Louis Britt, III and Frank Day, Jr. (for all Defendants)