United States District Court - Western District of Tennessee
Friday, February 11, 2022
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9:00 am 120cv01193 Anderson - Pretrial Conference - CR1
Newman v. City of Humboldt et al
Justin Gilbert, Lewis Cobb, Jr. -- Michael Hill, Laura Clements, John Burleson, Matthew Courtner
9:00 am 220cv02645 Parker - Pretrial Conference - CR2
Doresa Brooks v. Love''s Travel Stops & Country Stores
Donald Donati and Bryce Ashby -- Mary Smith
9:30 am 220cv2930 Mays - Pretrial Conference - CR7
Leon Bullock v. Turner Holdings, LLC
Linda Kendall Garner -- Robert D. Meyers
9:30 am 219cv2457 Norris - Pretrial Conference - CR4
Talus Properties, Inc., v. State Farm Fire and Casualty Company
Adam Nahmias -- Nicole Berkowitz, Brigid Carpenter
9:30 am 219cv02483 Parker - Pretrial Conference - CR2
Consolidated Staffing, Inc., v. Consolidated Staffing Solutions, Inc., et al
Gerald Boss, Paul B. Billings Jr. -- Daniel Warren Van Horn
9:30 am 120cv01272 York - Pretrial Conference - CR3
OCR -- Austin v. The Carlstar Group, LLC
Mitch Tollison -- Geoffrey Lindley, Taylor Flake-Lawson
10:00 am 120cv02631 Anderson - Pretrial Conference - CR1
Landmark American Insurance Company v. Heco Realty, LLC et al
Carey Johnson, Thomas Wingfield, Karl Braun -- Catherine Giarrusso, Henry Pipes, Brian Neal
10:00 am 220cv2588 Norris - Pretrial Conference - CR4
[SETTLED] Shannon Hussey v. Medical Financial Services, Inc.
Susan Shepherd Lafferty -- Louis Jay Miller
10:30 am 219cv2804 Norris - Pretrial Conference - CR4
Daryl D. Jones v. Robert L. Wilkie
Philip Eric Oliphant -- Eileen Kuo, David Brackstone , Melanie R. Dunlap
10:30 am 220cv02524 Parker - Pretrial Conference - CR2
Fulwood Construction Co., LLC v. McGil Holdings, LLC, et al.
Adam Nahmias -- Clarence A. Wilbon, Korey Douglas Stubblefield
11:00 am 120cv01241 Anderson - Jury Trial - CR1
Allen et al v. D & T Property Management, LLC et al
Lisa White, Lotus Cannon -- Lewis Cobb, Charles Barnett, Sara Barnett
11:00 am 220cv2806 Norris - Pretrial Conference - CR4
United States of America v. $15,090.00 in United States Currency
Christopher E. Cotten -- Pro Se