United States District Court - Western District of Tennessee
Monday, December 19, 2016
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9:30 am 215cv2581 Anderson - Jury Trial
Madewell, et al v National Lloyds Insurance Co.
Timothy Johnson -- Scot Doyen, Alasdair Roberts, Joseph Baker
9:30 am 215cv2421 Anderson - Jury Trial
Drexel Chemical Co. v Douglas Products & Packaging Co., LLC -- RESET to 3/27/2017 at 9:30 AM
Michael Rafferty, Brett Hughes, Kannon Conway -- Austin Purvis, Richard Gallagher, Jr., George Lewis, III
9:30 am 214cv2114 Anderson - Jury Trial
Tyree v Ocwen Loan Servicing, et al
Pro Se -- Jessica Johnson, Talor Bearman, Heather Wright
9:30 am 115cv1248 Breen - Jury Trial
Dean and Janet Frederick and T.F. vs. Jerry Pyron, et al
M. Kaufman -- C. Hayden, K. Washburn, C. Purcell
9:30 am 115cv1219 Breen - Jury Trial
Shelia Morgan and Randall Morgan vs. Brooks Shaw & Son Old Country Store, Inc.
B. Box, M. Courtner
9:30 am 215cv02817 Claxton - Pretrial Conference
Adcock v. The Kroger Company
William A. Wooten -- David P. Jaqua
9:30 am 215cv2752 Lipman - Jury Trial
Wintton Marshall & Toccara Marshall v. Lantern Square Apartments LLC
David A. McLaughlin, Bobby F. Martin, Jr. -- Christopher James Schroeck
9:30 am 215cv2592 Mays - Jury Trial
Harry Ivy v. Steven Duane Hull
J. Bailey, T. Johnson -- W. Montgomery, T. Gammill
9:30 am 207cv2263 Mays - Jury Trial
John Jones v. Officer Edward Yancy, et al.
R. Wilson -- D. Godwin, L. Cook, M.E. McKinney