United States District Court - Western District of Tennessee
Magistrate Judge Charmiane G. Claxton
Friday, February 10, 2017
Last updated Wed Feb 22 11:29:01 2017
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10:00 am 213cv02767 Telephonic Conference
Michael Kutzback v. LMS Intellibound,LLC., et al
Andrew R. Frisch, Adian Rose Miller & Michael N. Hanna -- Craig Cowart, Gerald Maatman, Alex Karasik, Ashley Laken, Christopher Cascino, Gregory Smith, Jr., Jennifer Riley, John Marrese, Laura Reasons, Matthew Simpson, Rebecca Bromet, Thomas Ashlering
2:00 pm 207cr20134 Initial Appearance / Supervised Release
USA v. Laron Ward [USM#21901-076]
D. DeCandia
2:30 pm 217cr20026 Detention Hearing
USA v. Thomas Bryan [USM#]
B. Stigger -- To Retain