United States District Court - Western District of Tennessee
Magistrate Judge Edward G. Bryant
Friday, May 20, 2016
Last updated Wed May 25 19:26:03 2016
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9:45 am 116cr10040 IA/ARR Superseding Indictment
USA v. Ralph Baker
Matt Wilson -- Dianne Smothers
9:45 am 116cr10058 Initial Appearance
Michelle Frazee (01)
Matt Wilson
9:45 am 116cr10040 Initial Appearance
USA v. Sealed Defendant (02)
Matt Wilson
10:00 am 116cv01055 Scheduling Conference
Gallardo v. Los Portales Bolivar, LLC et al
Emily S. Emmons, Michael Russell, Clint Scott -- James Larry Stine
10:30 am 116cv01050 Scheduling Conference
Rhodes v. Standard Insurance Company
K. Cody Allison -- Chad Eric Wallace, Ryan Strain
11:00 am 115cv01303 Scheduling Conference
STAYED -- King et al v. Commissioner Department of Human Services et al
Florence M. Johnson -- Martha A. Campbell // John P. Scruggs
2:30 pm 216cr20081 Detention Hearing
USA v. Cory Bowers (13)
Beth Boswell -- Stephen Sauer (CJA)
2:30 pm 106cr10065 Probable Cause/Detention Hearing
USA v. Cory Bowers
Jim Powell -- Stephen Sauer (CJA)