United States District Court - Western District of Tennessee
Judge J. Daniel Breen
Wednesday, May 2, 2018
Last updated Wed Apr 25 19:13:03 2018
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9:15 am 117cr10100 Report Date
USA vs. Eddrick Pewitte (01)
T. Eskridge -- J. Perry
9:15 am 117cr20391 Report Dates
USA vs. John Huston Smith
J. Murphy -- D. Camp
9:30 am 116cr10055 Sentencing
USA vs. Christopher Brent Jerrolds
M. Wilson -- D. DeCandia
10:00 am 117cr10100 Report Date/Change of Plea
USA vs. Thelisa Emery (02)
T. Eskridge -- A. Larson
1:30 pm 115cr10083 Sentencing
USA vs. Dennis Sensing
M. Wilson -- D. Camp
1:30 pm 115cr10082 Sentencing
USA vs. Brenda Sensing
M. Wilson -- M. Smothers
3:00 pm 117cv01037 Telephone Status Conference
Yandell Construction Services, Inc. vs. Codell Construction Company, et al
A. Crider, M. Conder -- C. Hoskins, J. Hays, M. Lee, J. Steen, C. Edwards, E. Rice