United States District Court - Western District of Tennessee
Chief Judge J. Daniel Breen
Friday, February 10, 2017
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8:59 am 116cr10045 Report Dates
USA vs. Francisco Javier Suarez
B. Boswell -- S. Kirk
9:00 am 116cr10019 Report Date
USA vs. Patrick Sullivan
T. Eskridge -- M. Walker
9:00 am 116cr10091 Report Dates
USA vs. Matthew Hope
T. Eskridge -- C. Wimbley
9:00 am 116cr10068 Report Dates
USA vs. Willie Clyde Pate
V. Ivy -- D. Taylor
9:00 am 116cr10065 Report Dates
USA vs. James Wynn, Jr.
J. Powell -- R. Thomas
9:00 am 116cr10061 Report Dates
USA vs. Dontoreus Douglas
B. Boswell -- W. Massey
9:00 am 116cr10057 Report Dates
USA v. Willie Merriweather
T. Eskridge -- M. Maddox
9:00 am 116cr10089 Report Dates
USA vs. Charles Ray Smith
L. Laurenzi -- D. Taylor
9:15 am 112cr10004 Supervised Release Violation
USA vs. Dustin Cruse
T. Eskridge -- D. Camp
9:30 am 116cr10045 Change of Plea
USA vs. Randle Hugh Bushart
B. Boswell -- W. Massey
10:00 am 116cr10063 Sentencing
USA v Bryan Mayo (and 16-10018)
Vic Ivy -- Lloyd Tatum
10:30 am 116cr10079 Sentencing
USA v Devon Shead - TO BE RESET
T. Eskridge -- C. Wimbley
11:00 am 116cr10051 Sentencing
USA vs. Amanda Hass
M. Wilson -- C. Wimbley
11:30 am 115cr10001 Report Dates
USA vs. Anthony Randual & (02-20319)
B. Boswell -- M. Scholl
1:30 pm 114cv1345 Pretrial Conference
Cassandra Hicks vs. Benton Co. Board of Education
T. Luna -- C. Purcell, C. Hayden
2:00 pm 115cr10102 Sentencing
USA vs. Tarrice Martez McCarley
B. Boswell -- D. Camp