United States District Court - Western District of Tennessee
Chief Judge J. Daniel Breen
Monday, April 3, 2017
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9:00 am 115cv1178 Pretrial Conference
Larry Hall vs. Pickwick Electric Cooperative
J. Salonus, M. Russell -- S. Lillie, J. Simpson, T. Abernathy
9:30 am 115cv1275 Jury Trial
Iman Jama vs. Boyd & Sons, Inc. and Shawn Hosea
M. Wright -- J. Satch
9:30 am 115cv1071 Jury Trial
Amy Hill vs. W. L. Markers, Inc. and Ashburn Freight, Inc.
D.Hodges, K. Clements -- C. Lazarov
1:15 pm 115cv1287 Pretrial Conference
Jerry and Carolyn Albea vs. Deputy Rhonda Bond, et al
L. Thorne -- W. Mauldin, J. Stokes