United States District Court - Western District of Tennessee
Friday, August 28, 2015
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9:00 am 114cr10101 Breen - Report Date
USA vs. Larry Wallace
B. Boswell -- L. Sparks
9:00 am 115cr10018 Breen - Report Dates
USA vs. Jimmy Warden
B. Boswell -- M. Maddox
9:00 am 115cr10012 Breen - Report Dates
USA vs. Patrick van Aken
M. Wilson -- B. Hooper
9:00 am 115cr10008 Breen - Report Dates
USA vs. Bryon Stevens, William "Baldy" Taylor
B. Boswell -- M. Stengel, S. West
9:00 am 115cr10001 Breen - Report Dates
USA vs. Tyrus Blalock, Tyler Armstrong, Amy Dew, William Perry
B. Boswell -- M. Maddox S. Kirk, J. Mueller, R. Thomas
9:00 am 114cr10102 Breen - Report Dates
USA vs. Cornelius Terrell Bond
J. Powell -- M. Smothers
9:00 am 115cr10019 Breen - Report Dates
USA vs. Armando Orta
B. Boswell -- L.Sparks
9:00 am 115cr10011 Breen - Report Dates
USA vs. Calvin Bailey, Sandra Bailey, Cindy Mallard
J. Fabian -- J. Morrow, S. West, M. Maddox
9:00 am 214cr20283 Fowlkes - Sentencing
USA v. Josh Catterton [USM#27117-076]
Sam Stringfellow -- Chris Sullivan
9:00 am 214cv2494 Lipman - Status Conference
Theaudry Hall, et al. v. USF Holland, Inc., et al.
Glenn Keith Vines, Jr., Mark N. Geller -- Marc H. Harwell, Jeffrey E. Nicoson
9:00 am 215cr20023 McCalla - Report Date
USA v. Antonio Taylor [USM #27291-076]
Dean DeCandia -- Ned Germany
9:15 am 115cr10019 Breen - Report Date/Change of Plea
USA vs. Charles Miller
B. Boswell -- W. Morrow
9:15 am 115cr10018 Breen - Report Date/Change of Plea
USA vs. Jonathan Murphy
B. Boswell -- D. Taylor
9:30 am 114cr10009 Breen - Sentencing
USA vs. Marcus McNeil
B. Boswell, M. Wilson -- L. Tatum
9:30 am 214cr20075 Fowlkes - Sentencing
USA v. Jeremy Matlock [USM # 26807-076]
Michelle Parks -- Michael Scholl
9:30 am 214cr20287 Lipman - Sentencing
USA v. Anthony Caruso
Debra Ireland -- Leslie Ballin
9:30 am 215cv02360 McCalla - Tele. Scheduling Conf. & Motion [15] Hrg
United States of America v. Three Hundred Seventy (370) Units of Hardware Bearing the Registered Trademark of Cisco Systems, Inc.
Christopher E. Cotten -- Justin A. Gee
10:00 am 114cr10083 Breen - Sentencing
USA vs. Angela Renee Blevins
B. Boswell -- L. Tatum
10:00 am 214cr20283 Fowlkes - Sentencing
USA v. (Nathan Austin(J)[USM # 27119-076 ])
Sam Stringfellow -- Ross Sampson
10:00 am 213cv02805 Vescovo - Pretrial Conference
OCR USA v. 2005 Corvette
Chris Cotten -- Justin Gee
10:30 am 114cr10011 Breen - Sentencing
USA vs. Tony Darnell Edwards
B. Boswell -- M. Maddox
10:30 am 214cr20304 Fowlkes - Status Report (DE#36) / Sentencing
USA v. Martines McKay
Kasey Weiland -- David Bell
10:30 am 208cr20414 McCalla - Supervised Release Violation
USA v. Marcellus Murry
Michelle Parks -- Ned Germany
11:00 am 115cr10001 Breen - Report Date/Change of Plea
USA vs. Kenny Vaughn
Beth Boswell -- J. Morrow
11:00 am 215cr20093 Lipman - Final Report Date
USA v. Junelle Corlette
Michelle Kimbril-Parks -- Mary Catherine Jermann-Robinson
1:00 pm 215cr20084 Lipman - (Alternate) Suppression Hearing [24]
USA v. Marcell Sangster [USM #27360-076]
H. Douglas Carriker -- Howard Manis
2:30 pm 214cv02298 McCalla - Motion Hearing [89]
Billy J. Kidd v. Mathis Tire and Auto Service, Inc. & Direct Tire Distributors, Inc.
Laura Ann Elizabeth Bailey , Michael N. Hanna , Alan G. Crone -- Craig A. Cowart , Courtney Leyes , Jeff Weintraub