United States District Court - Western District of Tennessee
Monday, August 27, 2018
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9:00 am 217cr20320 Lipman - Sentencing
USA v. (1) Keith Howse (c) [USM#30535-076]
J. William Crow -- (1) Michael Scholl
9:30 am 216cv02337 Anderson - Jury Trial
Faber, et al. v. Ciox Health, LLC
Ami Dave - Patrick Ardis - Kevin McCormack - Tim Edwards -- Garry Grooms
9:30 am 216cv02308 Fowlkes - Jury Trial
(T) Jane Doe v. Mr. Roberto DeLa Salud Bea & Rhodes College
Brice Moffatt Timmons, Bryce William Ashby, Clifford A. Cohen, Warren Patrick Campbell -- Gary Scott Peeples, Lisa A. Krupicka,
9:30 am 217cv2420 Mays - Jury Trial
Sandra Gail La Rose v. Extended Stay America, Inc. -- RESET to 09/17/2018 at 9:30 AM
L. Lester -- A. Gibson, K. Carr, S. Martin
9:30 am 217cv2367 Mays - Jury Trial
Eligah Ragland v. The Juiceplus Company
pro se -- A. Karabel, B. Thompkins
9:30 am 217cv2299 Mays - Jury Trial
Monica N. Hickman v. Oxford Immunotec Global PLC
J. Dowdy -- A. Cherundolo, W. Perry, J. Kugell
9:30 am 217cv02379 McCalla - Jury Trial
Fred Thornton v. Traceco Inc., et al.
Lesa Pascal -- Bruce D. Brooke
9:30 am 217cr20136 Parker - Criminal Jury Trial
USA v. Taviyon Thompson [USM # ?]
Mobayonle Osundare -- Mary Catherine Jermann-Robinson
9:30 am 217cv2421 Parker - Jury Trial
Maurice Wright v. Shelby County, TN, et al.
J. Allen -- E. Whitwell, R. Leibovich
9:30 am 217cv2050 Parker - Jury Trial
Sonya P. Williams v. Shelby County Board of Education
T. Luna -- G. McGaha, J. Weintraub
9:30 am 217cv2188 Parker - Non-Jury Trial
Linda S. Elam & Frederick J. Elam v. Aurora Services Loan, LLC, et al.
Linda S. Elam (Pro Se), Frederick J. Elam (Pro Se) -- [Aurora Services Loan, Aurora Commercial, Nationstar, Mortgage Electronic: Phillip P. Welty], [Richtel & Farley: Mindi C. Robinson], [MS Valley & Old Republic: James A. Crislip], [First Bank: James Marshall Digmon], [HSBC Bank: None], [Lehman Brothers, Weil, Gotshall and Mangess Attys: None], [Realty Mortgage: None]
10:30 am 217cr20336 Lipman - Sentencing
USA v. (2) Christopher Heffernan
Chris Cotten -- (2) Steve Farese
1:30 pm 218cr20059 Lipman - Sentencing
USA v. Paul Turner [USM#30774-076]
J. William Crow -- Peter Oh
3:00 pm 217cr20172 Lipman - Sentencing
USA v. Joseph Reid [USM #30497-076]
J. William Crow -- Lauren Pasley-Ward