United States District Court - Western District of Tennessee
Friday, April 12, 2024
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9:00 am 122cv01031 Anderson - Pretrial Conference - CR1
Millwood et al v. State Farm Life Insurance Company
David Wilkerson, George Brandt, Melinda Coolidge, James Pizzirusson, Larry Lahman, Nathaniel Giddings, Roger Ediger, Sophia Gold, -- Cari Dawson, Jeremy Root, Tiffany Powers, Todd Noteboom, Katelyn Ashton, Kyle Cummins, Samuel Carter
9:00 am 222cv02862 Lipman - Pretrial Conference - CR1
Cordero Kadeem Ragland, by and Through his Mother and Conservator, Pamela Mitchell v. Shelby County, Tennessee
Brice Moffatt Timmons, Craig A. Edgington, Craig V. Morton, II -- Roy H. Chockley, Jr., Pamela Williams Kelly
9:00 am 223cv2089 Parker - Pretrial Conference - CR2
Jalen Nelson v Robert Dale Heigle and BLT Feed & Grain Inc
Eric Joseph Lewellyn -- Barret S. Albritton, M. Garner Berry
10:00 am 223cv02103 Lipman - Pretrial Conference - CR1
Jacqueline Downy-Robinson v. Kroger Limited Partnership I
Christopher L. Taylor -- Laura Lampton Deakins, Christopher L. Vescovo
10:00 am 222cv2711 Norris - Pretrial Conference - CR4
CHEP USA v. Pallet Services, LLC, et al.
Esther McKean, Samual A Miller, John S. Golwen -- Clinton J. Simpson, Robert L. J. Spence , Jr., Kristina A. Woo
1:30 pm 222cv02875 Lipman - Pretrial Conference - CR1
Anne C. Stewart v Myesha L. Stovall & Unnamed: Pennslyvania National Mutual Casualty Insurance Company
William B. Ryan -- [Myesha L Stovall-Kip Whittemore]; [Penn. National: Garrett Hunter O''Brien]