United States District Court - Western District of Tennessee
All Criminal Hearings
Friday, August 26, 2016
Last updated Wed Jul 27 17:46:04 2016
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9:00 am 116cr10066 Breen - Report Dates
USA vs. Francisco Javier Escanuela
B. Boswell -- S. Kirk
9:00 am 116cr10065 Breen - Report Dates
USA vs. James Wynn, Jr.
J. Powell -- M. Smothers
9:00 am 116cr10063 Breen - Report Dates
USA vs. Lonnie Edward George
V. Ivy -- M. Weinman
9:00 am 116cr10060 Breen - Report Dates
USA vs. Rodney Dewayne Richardson
B. Boswell -- J. Howell
9:00 am 116cr10068 Breen - Report Dates
USA vs. Leanna Renee Autry
V. Ivy -- L. Sparks
9:00 am 115cr10011 Breen - Report Dates
USA vs. Bryan Bailey, Calvin Bailey, Sandra Bailey, Cindy Mallard
J. Fabian -- S. Kirk, J. Morrow, S. West, M. Maddox
9:00 am 216cr20036 Fowlkes - Report Dates
USA v. Anthony Nelson, Jr. [USM#29543-076], Anthony Nelson, Sr.(R)[USM#10452-076], Anthony Burrow [USM#29545-076]; Nina Echols (R)[USM # 29541-076], Brandon Brown(R)[USM # 29544-076]
Jerry Kitchen, Michelle Parks -- Lorna McClusky, Leslie Ballin, Murray Wells, Michael Stengel, Randy Alden
9:00 am 216cr20103 Lipman - Final Report Date
USA v. Christopher Hayden
David Pritchard -- Mark Mesler
9:15 am 109cr10067 Breen - Supervised Release Violation
USA vs. Angela Hollingsworth
B. Boswell -- A. Larson
9:30 am 112cr10040 Breen - Supervised Release Violation
USA vs. Antonio Gause
J. Powell -- D. Camp
10:00 am 115cr10087 Breen - Sentencing
USA vs. Jeremy Irwin
M. Wilson -- M. Maddox
10:00 am 216cr20105 Fowlkes - Sentencing
USA v. Mary Payne Curtis
Stephen Hall -- Howard Manis
10:30 am 115cr10018 Breen - Sentencing
USA vs. Jimmy Warden
B. Boswell -- M. Maddox
11:00 am 115cr10024 Breen - Hrg on Motion to Withdraw Guilty Plea
USA vs. Jonathan Lynn Luten
J. Powell -- S. West
1:30 pm 115cr10074 Breen - Sentencing
USA vs. Santiago Shaw
B. Boswell -- J. Irvine
2:00 pm 116cr10001 Breen - Sentencing
USA vs. Charles Miller
B. Boswell -- J. Morrow