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April 2023
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3     Christoff CR6
122cr10052-STA - AUSA Adam Davis
222cr20207-TLP - AUSA Greg Allen
222cr20105-MSN - AUSA Michelle Kimbril-Parks
221cr20233-MSN - AUSA Elizabeth Rogers, Marques Young
119cr10040-JTF - AUSA Juillian Willis, Katherine Payerle, Andrew Pennebaker, James Powell
221cr20122-MSN - AUSA Scott Smith
120cr10038-STA - AUSA Christie Hopper, Hillary Parham
121cr10083-STA - AUSA Hillary Parham
123cr10020-JAY - AUSA Josh Morrow (AUSA)
122cr10079-STA - AUSA Lance Webb
118cr10024-STA - AUSA Josh Morrow
122cr10062-STA - AUSA Hillary Parham
4     Christoff CR6
223cr20000-ATC - AUSA 
123cr10012-STA - AUSA Josh Morrow
122cr10022-STA - AUSA Lance Webb
221cr20233-MSN - AUSA Elizabeth Rogers, Marques Young
222cr20042-JTF - AUSA Wendy Cornejo
223cr20050-ATC - AUSA G. Wagner
123cr10025-STA - AUSA Lance Webb
222cr20273-TLP - AUSA Scott P. Smith
222cr20050-JTF - AUSA Regina Thompson
222cr20026-TLP - AUSA Greg Wagner
222cr20134-MSN - AUSA Carroll Andre, Kelly Walters
119cr10123-STA - AUSA Adam Davis
122cr10020-STA - AUSA Adam Davis
121cr10083-STA - AUSA Hillary Parham
222cr20066-MSN - AUSA Gregory Allen
122cr10062-STA - AUSA Hillary Parham
122cr10070-STA - AUSA Josh Morrow
219cr20188-ATC - AUSA Eileen Kuo
5     Pham
222cr20041-TLP - AUSA Jennifer Musselwhite
221cr20233-MSN - AUSA Elizabeth Rogers, Marques Young
221cr20213-MSN - AUSA Karen Hartridge
222cr20035-JPM - AUSA Courtney Lewis
217cr20145-SHL - AUSA Elizabeth Rogers
119cr10131-JDB - AUSA Josh Morrow
222cr20104-JTF - AUSA Greg Allen
222cr20184-JTF - AUSA Raven Icaza
222cr20258-TLP - AUSA Carroll Andre
221cr20263-JTF - AUSA Greg Wagner
122cr10073-JDB - AUSA William Josh Morrow
120cr10053-JDB - AUSA Josh Morrow
118cr10042-JDB - AUSA Hillary Parham 
222cr20174-TLP - AUSA Lorraine Craig
222cr20223-MSN - AUSA Wendy Cornejo
123cr10005-JDB - AUSA Christie Hopper
117cr10048-JAY - AUSA Vic Ivy (AUSA)
122cr10031-JDB - AUSA Christie Hopper
221cr20170-MSN - AUSA Greg Wagner
116cr10047-JDB - AUSA Beth Boswell
222cr20131-TLP - AUSA Lorraine Craig
212cr2030-TMP - AUSA E. Rogers
114cr10062-JDB - AUSA Christie Hopper
6     Pham
220cr20228-MSN - AUSA Elizabeth Rogers, Marques Young
220cr20056-JTF - AUSA Scott Smith 
222cr20271-TLP - AUSA Tony Arvin
122cr10021-JDB - AUSA Lance Elliott Webb
223cr20000-CGC - AUSA 
222cr20114-TLP - AUSA Michelle Kimbril-Parks
122cr10048-JDB - AUSA William Josh Morrow
121cr10039-JDB - AUSA Josh Morrow
222cr20255-MSN - AUSA Lorraine  Craig
115cr10001-JDB - AUSA Adam Chase Davis
122cr10060-JDB - AUSA Christie Hopper
217cr20313-JTF - AUSA Jennifer Musselwhite
222cr20269-MSN - AUSA Regina Thompson
122cr10046-JDB - AUSA Josh Morrow
222cr20094-JTF - AUSA Greg Wagner
222cr20077-JTF - AUSA Greg Allen
222cr20114-TLP - AUSA Michelle Kimbril-Parks
118cr10030-JDB - AUSA Gregory David Allen
122cr10059-JDB - AUSA William Joshua Morrow
121cr10118-JDB - AUSA Adam Chase Davis
210cr20222-SHL - AUSA Greg Wagner
121cr10058-JDB - AUSA Adam Davis
222cr20045-MSN - AUSA Lorraine Craig
115cr10104-JDB - AUSA Adam Chase Davis
219cr20239-SHL - AUSA Marques Young
208cr20174-SHM - AUSA Karen E. Hartridge
222cr20164-MSN - AUSA Jennifer Musselwhite
223cr20025-MSN - AUSA Gregory Allen, Bryce Phillips
7     Pham
117cr10025-STA - AUSA Adam Davis
122cr10043-STA - AUSA Christie Hopper
123cr10023-STA - AUSA Adam Davis
221cr20259-JPM - AUSA Regina Thompson
121cr10070-STA - AUSA Greg Allen, Hillary Parham
222cr20040-TLP - AUSA Raven Icaza
121cr10063-STA - AUSA Hillary Parham
221cr20237-MSN - AUSA Gregory Allen
222cr20273-TLP - AUSA Scott P. Smith
222cr20049-TLP - AUSA Sara Porter, Tony Arvin, Justin Woodward
10     Christoff CR6
200cr0000-MSN - AUSA 
222cr20131-TLP - AUSA Lorraine Craig
220cr20245-MSN - AUSA Tony Arvin, David Pritchard
21cr20146-JTF - AUSA Greg Allen
222cr20209-JPM - AUSA Wendy Cornejo
222cr20095-JPM - AUSA Lorraine Craig
222cr20153-SHL - AUSA Jennifer Musselwhite
11     Christoff CR6
223cr20000-ATC - AUSA 
122cr10079-STA - AUSA Lance Webb
122cr10074-STA - AUSA Christie Hopper
215cr20260-JTF - AUSA Greg Wagner
221cr20096-JPM - AUSA Lorraine Craig
120cr10052-JAY - AUSA Hillary Parham (AUSA)
207cr20016-JTF - AUSA Tony Arvin
222cr20263-TLP - AUSA Elizabeth Robers
222cr20041-TLP - AUSA Jennifer Musselwhite
222cr20147-MSN - AUSA Gregory Allen
222cr20162-JPM - AUSA Raney Irwin
12     Christoff CR6
221cr20229-TLP - AUSA Gregory Allen
222cr20249-MSN - AUSA Wendy Cornejo
222cr20233-JTF - AUSA Greg Wagner
222cr20240-JTF - AUSA Greg Allen
222cr20160-JTF - AUSA Regina Thompson
222cr20268-JTF - AUSA Greg Allen
222cr20166-JTF - AUSA Raney Irwin
218cr20369-TLP - AUSA Karen Hartridge
221cr20089-JTF - AUSA Wendy Cornejo, Neal Oldham
122cr10088-JDB - AUSA Josh Morrow and Christie Hopper
122cr10039-JDB - AUSA Hillary Parham
222cr20252-ATC - AUSA Regina Thompson
218cr20016-JTF - AUSA Raney Irwin
122cr10037-JDB - AUSA Josh Morrow
220cr20052-MSN - AUSA Tony Arvin, Murre Foster
18cr20103-JDB - AUSA Debra Lynn Ireland, Raney L. Irwin
204cr20162-SHM - AUSA Lauren Joanna Delery
117cr10106-JDB - AUSA Josh Morrow
122cr10066-JDB - AUSA Christie Hopper
108cr10118-JDB - AUSA Christie Hopper, Gregory David Allen
13     Pham
214cr20255-JTF - AUSA Marques Young
219cr20042-JTF - AUSA Stephen Hall
222cr20145-JTF - AUSA Carroll Andre
204cr20162-SHM - AUSA Lauren Joanna Delery
14     Pham
17     Christoff CR6
222cr20123-TLP - AUSA Karen Hartridge
222cr20230-TLP - AUSA Neal Oldham
222cr20080-TLP - AUSA Chris Cotten, William Bateman
222cr20027-JTF - AUSA Lorraine Craig
222cr20122-MSN - AUSA Greg Wagner, Jermal Blanchard
122cr10062-STA - AUSA Hillary Parham
18     Christoff CR6
121cr10063-STA - AUSA Hillary Parham
221cr20169-JTF - AUSA Michelle Kimbril-Parks
119cr10037-STA - AUSA Hillary Parham
221cr20122-MSN - AUSA Scott Smith
121cr10117-STA - AUSA Christie Hopper, Jillian Willis, Kathryn Furtado
213cr20347-MSN - AUSA Gregory Allen, Raven Icaza,
122cr10012-STA - AUSA Vic Ivy
222cr20139-MSN - AUSA Michelle Kimbril-Parks
121cr10104-STA - AUSA Adam Davis
122cr10075-STA - AUSA Josh Morrow
121cr10027-STA - AUSA Christie Hopper
220cr20214-MSN - AUSA Gregory Allen
19     Christoff CR6
119cr10040-JTF - AUSA Katherine Payerle, Andrew Pennebaker
222cr20114-TLP - AUSA Michelle Kimbril-Parks
222cr20252-JTF - AUSA Regina Thompson
222cr20246-MSN - AUSA Wendy Cornejo
222cr20158-JTF - AUSA Marques Young, Raven Icaza
220cr20248-JTF - AUSA Stephen Hall
295cr20211-JPM - AUSA Greg Allen
222cr20058-JTF - AUSA Wendy Cornejo
121cr10056-JDB - AUSA Hillary Parham, Cesar S. Rivera-Giraud
222cr20276-JTF - AUSA Stephen Hall
209cr20441-JTF - AUSA Greg Wagner
222cr20114-TLP - AUSA Michelle Kimbril-Parks
121cr10056-JDB - AUSA Hillary Parham, Cesar S. Rivera-Giraud
222cr20243-SHL - AUSA Scott Smith
222cr20199-TLP - AUSA Neal Oldham
121cr10056-JDB - AUSA Hillary Lawler Parham
123cr10013-JDB - AUSA William Joshua Morrow
122cr10061-JDB - AUSA Christie Hopper
121cr10022-JDB - AUSA Adam Chase Davis
219cr20256-MSN - AUSA Michelle Kimbril-Parks
223cr20004-SHL - AUSA Gregory Allen
222cr20191-SHL - AUSA Gregory Allen
222cr20125-MSN - AUSA Scott Smith
20     Pham
223cr20000-TMP - AUSA 
222cr20085-TLP - AUSA Jennifer Musselwhite
221cr20181-SHL - AUSA Raney Irwin
220cr20191-JTF - AUSA Wendy Cornejo
222cr20126-SHL - AUSA Raney Irwin
223cr20010-TLP - AUSA Murrell Foster
222cr20039-JTF - AUSA Greg Wagner
218cr20103-JDB - AUSA Raney Irwin, Debra Lynn Ireland
219cr20109-JTF - AUSA Karen Hartridge
121cr10086-JDB - AUSA William Josh Morrow
120cr10050-JDB - AUSA Jillian D. Willis, Katherine Payerle, Victor Lee Ivy
222cr20075-JTF - AUSA Michelle Kimbril-Parks
221cr20145-JTF - AUSA Neal Oldham
222cr20068-SHL - AUSA Beth Boswell, Patrick Neal Oldham
221cr20218-TLP - AUSA Greg Wagner
223cr20007-SHL - AUSA Stephen Hall
121cr10062-JDB - AUSA Christie Hopper
21     Pham
119cr10125-STA - AUSA Adam Davis, Hillary Parham
221cr20176-JPM - AUSA Karen Hartridge, David Pritcard
222cr20090-TLP - AUSA Lorraine Craig
120cr10063-STA - AUSA Josh Morrow, Beth Boswell
223cr20017-TLP - AUSA Tony Arvin
119cr10125-STA - AUSA Adam Davis, Hillary Parham
222cr20259-JPM - AUSA Neal Oldham, Wendy Cornejo
223cr20016-SHL - AUSA Wendy Cornejo
222cr20205-JPM - AUSA Raney Irwin
222cr20222-SHL - AUSA Wendy Cornejo
217cr20002-SHM - AUSA Patrick Neal Oldham
223cr20008-SHM - AUSA Patrick Neal Oldham
122cr10029-STA - AUSA Christie Hopper
222cr20263-TLP - AUSA Elizabeth Rogers
122cr10038-STA - AUSA Josh Morrow
222cr20219-TLP - AUSA Greg Wagner
222cr20073-SHL - AUSA Patrick Neal Oldham
24     Christoff CR6
222cr20215-MSN - AUSA Jennifer Musselwhite
222cr20123-TLP - AUSA Karen Hartridge
222cr20080-TLP - AUSA Chris Cotten, William Bateman
222cr20214-MSN - AUSA Neal Oldham
222cr20196-MSN - AUSA Gregory Allen
222cr20028-JTF - AUSA Regina Thompson
222cr20135-MSN - AUSA Neal Oldham
122cr10007-MSN - AUSA Hillary Parham
222cr20153-SHL - AUSA Jennifer Musselwhite
222cr20211-JTF - AUSA Neal Oldham
220cr20245-MSN - AUSA Tony Arvin, David Pritchard
25     Christoff CR6
121cr10032-STA - AUSA Josh Morrow
222cr20060-TLP - AUSA David Pritchard
222cr20110-MSN - AUSA Tony Arvin
220cr20006-MSN - AUSA Scott Smith
219cr20075-TLP - AUSA Jillian Willis, Andrew Pennebaker, Damon Griffin, Kathryn C. Furtado, Naya Bedini
219cr20192-JTF - AUSA Raven Icaza
222cr20277-MSN - AUSA Gregory Allen
220cr20164-JTF - AUSA Tony Arvin, Scott Smith
122cr10016-STA - AUSA Adam Davis
221cr20180-MSN - AUSA Lorraine Craig, Greg Wagner
121cr10028-STA - AUSA Hillary Parham
121cr10079-STA - AUSA Lance Webb
26     Christoff CR6
221cr20250-SHL - AUSA Karen Hartridge, Jermal Blanchard
217cr20375-TLP - AUSA Karen Hartridge
221cr20216-JTF - AUSA Greg Wagner
222cr20111-JTF - AUSA Neal Oldham
220cr20026-JTF - AUSA Greg Wagner
220cr20141-MSN - AUSA Jennifer Musselwhite
222cr20076-TLP - AUSA Carrol Andre, Scott Smith
221cr20185-JTF - AUSA Karen Hartridge
122cr10094-JDB - AUSA Josh Morrow
220cr20207-JTF - AUSA Karen Hartridge
123cr10022-JDB - AUSA Adam Chase Davis
122cr10086-JDB - AUSA Adam Chase Davis
222cr20041-TLP - AUSA Jennifer Musselwhite, Mark Erskine
221cr20267-MSN - AUSA Greg Wagner
27     Pham
223cr20000-TMP - AUSA 
222cr20041-TLP - AUSA Jennifer Musselwhite, Mark Erskine
223cr20020-SHL - AUSA Greg Wagner
216cr20215-JTF - AUSA Raney Irwin
220cr20191-JTF - AUSA Wendy Cornejo
222cr20258-TLP - AUSA Carroll Andre
222cr20104-JTF - AUSA Greg Allen
222cr20169-MSN - AUSA Mark Erskine, Reid Manning
220cr20160-JTF - AUSA Raney Irwin
223cr20001-MSN - AUSA Michelle Kimbril-Parks
206cr20460-TLP - AUSA Stephen Hall
28     Pham
222cr20073-SHL - AUSA P. Neal Oldham
121cr10083-STA - AUSA Hillary Parham
222cr20162-JPM - AUSA Raney Irwin
222cr20250-TLP - AUSA Regina Thompson
222cr20258-TLP - AUSA Carroll Andre
118cr10057-STA - AUSA Josh Morrow
222cr20189-SHL - AUSA Wendy Cornejo
222cr20074-MSN - AUSA Neal Oldham
209cr20451-JPM - AUSA Greg Allen
121cr10119-STA - AUSA Hillary Parham
220cr20136-SHL - AUSA Regina Thompson