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The Magistrate courtroom system allows document viewing from the camera, audio &video from a VCR and any digital evidence presentation via counsel provided laptop.
Audio is recorded via the FTR electronic recording system. Please ensure that all participants speak into a microphone.
  • Make sure all monitors are turned on.
  • Turn on the document camera. The switch is located on the right rear of the Elmo camera platform.
  • The Extron Switch located below the VCR is used to select the desired source for courtroom images on the monitors.
  • Input #1 is for Video which includes the doc cam and VCR.
  • Input #4 is for PC data. Use the attached HD15 and mini plug to connect your laptop to the system for power-point, or other PC based presentations.
  • The pop-out drawer on the front panel of the Doc Cam contains the selector for camera or VCR.
  • Main is the camera, AV1 is the VCR.
  • The auto focus and zoom buttons are located on the front panel of the document camera platform.
(If you have a Jury and require large screen video projection, additional monitors, or if the volume of your PC or video requires adjustment, please call the help-desk at 495-1350. You are encouraged to call ahead with special request or for a demonstration of the system. We will be happy to assist you.)