United States District Court - Western District of Tennessee
Chief Magistrate Judge Diane K. Vescovo
Monday, November 24, 2014
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9:30 am 213cv02825 Settlement Conference
Scott v. Memphis College of Art, et al.
O'Neal -- Krupicka
2:00 pm 211cr20142 Initial Appearance
USA v. Darrell Smith [USM 24670-076] *Writ Issued* *Deft was not transported*
AUSA: David Biggers / USPO: Bridgette King
2:00 pm 214cr20328 Initial Appearance / Indictment
USA v. Demeko Montrell Green
D. French
2:30 pm 212cr20073 Probable Cause/Detention Hearing
USA v. Quaterion Johnson [USM#21569-076]
D. Biggers -- FPD
2:45 pm 209cr20226 Probable Cause/Detention Hearing
USA v. Robert Beckwood [USM#23031-076]
D. Carriker -- FPD
3:00 pm 214cr20284 Detention Hearing
USA v. Darrick Flowers [USM#27131-076]
D. Pritchard -- T. Paylor - FPD
3:00 pm 205cr20213 Probable Cause/Detention Hearing
USA v. Desiray Murry [USM#20328-076]
J. Kitchen -- FPD