United States District Court - Western District of Tennessee
Thursday, November 6, 2014
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9:00 am 114cr10040 Breen - Sentencing
USA vs. Joseph Kemmerling
J. Powell -- M. Smothers
9:00 am 214cv2060 Lipman - Status Conference
XO Communications Services, LLC v. City of Memphis
Nathan A. Bicks, Paul Anthony Werner, Charles Silvestri Higgins -- Allan J. Wade
9:00 am Mays - Reentry Court
Reentry Court
9:00 am 200cr00000 Pham - DO NOT SCHEDULE ANY MATTERS
Do Not Schedule Any Matters
9:30 am 114cr10008 Breen - Change of Plea
USA vs. Steven Flowers
B. Boswell -- M. Maddox
9:30 am 213cv2540 Lipman - Stauts Conference/AT&T: 888-808-6929
Larry Crawford v Guess? Retail Inc.
Andrew C. Clarke, Robert Patrick Parker, [Andy L. Allman: via telephone (Hendersonville, TN) (615) 824-3761 x203] -- Laura Elise Robbins, [Mark Douglas Baute: via telephone (Los Angeles, CA) 213-630-5023], Jennifer Shorb Hagerman
9:30 am 213cr20289 Mays - Sentencing
U.S.A. v. Osiel Lopez-Acuna [USM #26275-076]
D. French, S. Stringfellow -- M. Wells
9:45 am 114cr10011 Breen - Change of Plea
USA vs. Tony Darnell Edwards
B. Boswell -- M. Maddox
10:00 am 113cr10061 Breen - Sentencing
USA vs. Willie Bailey
J. Powell -- R. Alden
10:00 am 114cv01022 Bryant - Scheduling Conference
Alexander v. Byrd et al
Jim Richard Bruce, Jereme George Lytle -- James I. Pentecost, Jonathan Alan Hogins // Michael Hill, Pamela Vawter
10:00 am 213cr20289 Mays - Sentencing
U.S.A. v. Benigno Vasquez-Lopez [USM # 26271-076]
D. French, S. Stringfellow -- J. Thomas
10:00 am 200cr00000 Vescovo - Traffic Court
10:30 am 114cr10027 Breen - Change of Plea
USA vs. Angela Porter
M. Wilson -- M. Smothers
10:30 am 114cv01251 Bryant - Scheduling Conference
Gallimore v. City of Dresden, Tennessee et al
Leanne A. Thorne -- Michael Hill, Pam Vawter
1:30 pm 114cv01171 Bryant - Scheduling Conference
Wallace v. Tiger Truck Lines, Inc. et al
Charles Holliday, Jeffrey Garrety, Morgan Adams -- Gary Wilkinson
1:30 pm 213cr20143 Mays - Sentencing
U.S.A. v. Ricky Kirby
S. Stringfellow -- M. Jermann-Robinson
2:00 pm 214cr20069 Anderson - Sentencing
USA v. Donell Edwards, Jr. [26841-076]
S. Hall -- H. Durham
2:00 pm 214cr20077 Lipman - Sentencing
USA v. Gary Robert Davis [USM #26792-076]
Debra Ireland -- David Bell
2:00 pm 213cr20085 Mays - Sentencing
U.S.A. v. Gentry Humes [USM # 25950-076]
T. Arvin -- T. Paylor
2:00 pm 214cv02422 McCalla - Telephonic Motion Hearing [13] Motion
Pansy Swinson, v. Fairway Towers Apartments Council
William R. Bruce -- Gregory C. Krog, Jr.
2:30 pm 207cr20405 Mays - Supervised Release Violation
U.S.A. v. George Horton [USM #22032-076]
M. Parks -- P. Oh
3:00 pm 214cr20007 Anderson - Sentencing
USA v. Edgar Matthew Widner
L. Harris -- T. Paylor