United States District Court - Western District of Tennessee
Judge Jon P. McCalla
Tuesday, November 25, 2014
Last updated Wed Oct 22 19:19:09 2014
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9:00 am 212cv02995 Motion Hearing re: [19] Motion To Compel
Teresa Collins v. Memphis City Schools
Craig Barnes -- Christopher Campbell, Chanda Madison, Jennifer Collins
9:30 am 214cv02628 Telephonic Scheduling Conference
Sherry Shaw v. Postmaster General, et al
Kathleen Caldwell -- David Brackstone
10:00 am 213cv02657 Telephonic Motion Hrg 46, 83, 84, 86, 87
Tamrarin Lindenberg, et al v. Jackson National Life Insurance Company
Charles Higgins, Molly Glover -- Daniel Van Horn, Michael McLaren, Robert Hillyer
11:15 am 214cv02721 Telephonic Scheduling Conference
West Stone Works Co. v. Tecstone Granite USA Ltd.
Taylor Cates -- Robb Harvey
11:45 am 214cv02734 Telephonic Scheduling Conference
Michelle Cole, et al v. No Place Like Home, Inc.
Darrell O'Neal -- Katherine Bogard, Angie Davis