United States District Court - Western District of Tennessee
Judge Jon P. McCalla
Monday, November 17, 2014
Last updated Fri Oct 31 15:19:08 2014
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9:00 am 212cr20327 Report Date/End of Diversion
USA v. Osteria Smith
D. Pritchard -- C. Garrett
9:30 am 210cv2898 Jury Trial
Gertrude Anita Broadway
John W. Walker, Terrence Cain -- Whitney Fogerty, John Campbell
9:30 am 212cv2995 Jury Trial
T.C. & Teresa Collins v. Memphis City Schools
Craig P. Barnes -- Jennifer Hinds Collins, Christopher S. Campbell, Chandra Simone Madison
9:30 am 213cv2572 Jury Trial
Sherrie White v. Crossmark, Inc.
Alan G. Crone, Ralph A. Powell, Richard P. Myers -- Stephen E. Fox