United States District Court - Western District of Tennessee
Judge Samuel H. Mays
Friday, September 11, 2015
Last updated Fri May 29 19:16:09 2015
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9:00 am 214cv2463 Pretrial Conference
Derico Golden v. Mirabile Investment Corporation -- RESET to 02/05/2016 at 10:30 AM
K. Caldwell -- K. Bowling, J. King
9:00 am 214cv2368 Pretrial Conference
Anselmo Cuevas, et al. v. Southland Landscaping, Inc., et al.
K. Caraway -- D. Prather, D. King
9:30 am 213cv2777 Fairness Hearing
David Johnson, et al. v. W2007 Grace Acquisition I, Inc., et al.
C. Pratsinakis, K. Smith, N. Chimicles, V. Turner -- B. Grant, D. Cafasso, J. Callen, J. Hayworth, M. Tipps, R. Walker, S. Nelles, W. Monahan
10:00 am 213cv2143 Pretrial Conference
Stephanie T. Wilhite v. Shelby County Government
K. Caldwell -- H. McLean, J. Jones