United States District Court - Western District of Tennessee
Wednesday, May 14, 2014
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8:55 am 212cv3041 McCalla - Telephonic Scheduling/Status Conference
Image Entertainment, Inc. v. United Inventory Service, Inc. d/b/a UIS Polymers, et al.
Lewis Wilkinson Lyons, Todd B. Murrah -- [No counsel for Defendant UIS]
9:00 am 113cr10072 Breen - Report Dates
USA vs. Charles Brooks
M. Wilson -- R. Alden
9:00 am 213cv2133 McCalla - Claims Construction Hrg. / ALL DAY
***Verso Paper, LLC v. Go2Paper, Inc.***
Annie Tauer Christoff, John S. Golwen, Overton Thompson, III, Paige Waldrop Mills, Terry L. Clark, Joshua Ray Denton -- Shea B. Oliver, Mary Audrey Procaccio-Flowers, Ryan Ronald Smith, Douglas F. Halijan
9:30 am 213cr20367 Fowlkes - Change of Plea
USA v. Juan Urieta-Garcia
Mark Erskin -- Ed Perry
9:30 am 214cr20084 Fowlkes - Report Dates
USA v. Keith Carter [USM#26809-076 ]
Keenan Carter -- Tyrone Paylor
9:30 am 214cr20058 Fowlkes - Report Dates
USA v. Anthony Williams [USM#26810-076 ]
Charles Wesley Summers -- Ned Germany
9:30 am 214cr20019 Fowlkes - Report Dates
USA v. Richard Thomas [USM#26728-076]
Keenan Carter -- Mary Robinson
9:30 am 112cv01212 Todd - Jury Trial
Phillips v. Lannon, et al., -TO BE RESET
Pro Se (custody) -- James Lee Pope
10:00 am 213cr20348 Fowlkes - Sentencing
USA v. Larry Jackson (USM# 26571-076)
Keenan Carter -- David Bell
1:15 pm 113cr10094 Breen - Sentencing
USA vs. Charles Vonjay Liphford
B. Hall -- R. Alden
1:30 pm 200cr00000 Mays - Status Conference
D. French
1:30 pm 206cr20133 Mays - Supervised Release Violation
U.S.A. v. Jason W. Shackelford
M. Parks -- A. Plunk