United States District Court - Western District of Tennessee
Monday, June 16, 2014
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8:55 am 211cr20044 McCalla - Criminal Jury Trial Resumes
*** USA v. Chastain Montgomery, Sr. [USM #24528-076] ***
E. Stanton, III, T. Arvin, L. Craig -- M. Scholl, C. Anne Tipton
9:00 am 113cr10041 Breen - Sentencing
USA vs. Anthony Taylor
E. Stanton, V. Ivy -- D. Smothers, R. Alden
9:00 am Mays - Court Not In Session
Court Not In Session
9:00 am 213cv2124 McCalla - Pretrial Conference
Renesa C. Smith v. Cajun Operating Co. d/b/a Church's Chicken
Joseph Michael Cook -- Lawrence W. White
9:30 am 213cv2190 Anderson - Jury Trial
Victoria Bakulina v Thyssenkrupp Elevator Corporation
Donald Zuccarello -- Robert Williams, Jr., Edward Young
9:30 am 212cv2798 Anderson - Jury Trial
Rochelle D. Johnson v Patrick R. Donahoe, et al
K. Caldwell -- H. Halmon, T. Taylor, R. Edelman
9:30 am 213cv2102 Anderson - Non-Jury Trial
Twanda Hall Tate v Methodist Healthcare
Florence Johnson Raines -- David Jaqua
9:30 am 211cv2173 Anderson - Non-Jury Trial
Suzanne Gibson, et al v Mortgage Electronic Registrations Systems, et al
Ralph Gibson, Everett Gibson -- Christopher Thorsen, Frank Olson, Lori McGowan
9:30 am 213cr20345 Fowlkes - Jury Trial
(T) USA v. Julius Murphy
Charles Wesley Summers -- David Bell
9:30 am 212cv02905 Fowlkes - Jury Trial
(T) Watson v. Millington et al
Linda Harris -- Edward Mckenney, Jr.
9:30 am 212cv3070 Mays - Jury Trial
John B. Hauer, Jr. v. Union Pacific Railroad Company
T. McGowan, L. Bloomfield -- R. Bennett, H. Talbot
9:30 am 212cv2778 Mays - Jury Trial
Universal Coin and Bullion, Ltd., v. FedEx Corporation -- RESET to 07/21/2014 at 9:30 AM
B. Blevins, M. Hamilton -- T. Southerland, J. Ross
9:30 am 212cv2995 McCalla - Jury Trial
T.C. & Teresa Collins v. Memphis City Schools
Craig P. Barnes -- Jennifer Hinds Collins, Christopher S. Campbell, Chandra Simone Madison
9:30 am 212cv2913 McCalla - Non-Jury Trial
Erica Blake v. United States of America
J. Michael Fletcher -- David Brackstone, Harriett M. Halmon
9:30 am 212cv02449 Todd - Jury Trial
Cochran v. City of Germantown
Pro Se -- E. McKenney, Jr.
1:15 pm 113cr10092 Breen - Sentencing
USA vs. Arturo Penaloza
M. Wilson -- M. Weinman