United States District Court - Western District of Tennessee
Tuesday, December 2, 2014
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9:00 am 108cr10067 Breen - Supervised Release Violation
USA vs. Undra Deshawn Clark
J. Powell -- M. Weinman
9:00 am 1 Bryant - Court not in Session
Court not in session (all day)
9:00 am 214cv2774 Lipman - Scheduling Conference
Tommy Nell Ayers v. International Paper Company Long-Term Disability Plan
Chris A. Cornaghie -- David P. Jaqua
9:00 am 214cv02727 McCalla - Preliminary Injuction Hearing
Williams-Sonoma Direct, Inc. v. Arhaus, LLC, et al
Glen Reid, Robert Crawford, Robert Craddock, Michael Weil, Lynne Hermle, Catherine Lui, Amber Floyd -- Robbin Hutton, Jameson King, Jeff Weintraub, Michael Elkon, David Rudolph, Alan Crone, Laura Bailey
9:00 am 212cr20160 McCalla - Report Dates
S. Keenan Carter -- Tyrone Paylor, Valentine Darker
9:00 am 214cv02194 Pham - Scheduling Conference
Keith Brooks v. Autozone, Inc.
K. Brooks (pro se) -- L. Krupicka
9:30 am 214cr20234 Anderson - Report Date / Change of Plea
USA v. Jeremy Tate [27065-076], Robert Tate [27064-076]
S. Hall -- C. Harviel, H. Manis
9:30 am 114cr10014 Breen - Jury Trial
USA vs. Peter Graves
B. Boswell -- L. Tatum
9:30 am 111cv01402 Todd - Jury Trial
Williams v. Strain, et al.,
Pro Se (custody) -- A. Crownover, II
10:00 am 214cr20109 Anderson - Sentencing
USA v. Breunca Sutton
S. Hall -- M.C. Jermann-Robinson
11:00 am 214cr20043 Anderson - Sentencing
USA v. John Wesley Simmons [26804-076]
J. Kitchen -- E. Perry
1:15 pm 114cr10013 Breen - Sentencing
USA vs. Ricky Booker
V. Ivy -- J. Mueller
1:30 pm 214cr20109 Anderson - Sentencing
USA v. Angela Jacocks [26834-076]
S. Hall -- R. Parris
2:00 pm 211cr20141 McCalla - Sentencing SRV
USA v. Garric Dorsey [USM #24689-076]
C. David Biggers -- Mary Catherine Jermann-Robinson
2:30 pm 214cr20109 Anderson - Sentencing
USA v. Jennifer Freeman [26831-076]
S. Hall -- M. Stengel