United States District Court - Western District of Tennessee
Magistrate Judge Edward G. Bryant
Wednesday, April 2, 2014
Last updated Fri Apr 18 19:26:00 2014
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9:45 am 114cr10025 Detention Hearing
USA v. Johnson Davis
Matt Wilson -- David Camp (CJA)
10:00 am 113cv01223 Scheduling Conference
United States of America v. One (1) Bryco Arms 38 Pistol, CAL: 380 SN: 1029401 et al
Chris Cotten (AUSA) -- Scott Kirk
10:30 am 114cv01013 Scheduling Conference
Doyle v. Savannah Health Care and Rehabilitation Center, Inc.
Donald D. Zuccarello -- James K. Simms , IV
11:00 am 112cv01207 Settlement Conference
United States of America v. $9,601.51 in U.S. Funds from Regions Bank Account #0638054080 in the name of Decornick Moore et al
Chris Cotten (AUSA) -- Jon York, Jonathan Buckner
2:15 pm 114cr10028 Initial Appearance
USA v. Tarissa Bowen
Vic Ivy
2:15 pm 114cr10027 Initial Appearance
USA v. Angela Porter
Vic Ivy
2:30 pm 114cr10021 Detention Hearing
USA v. John Barnett III
Jim Powell -- Federal Defender
2:30 pm 114cr10017 Detention Hearing
USA v. Emmanuel Harris (01)
David Henry -- Federal Defender
2:30 pm 114cr10014 Detention Hearing
USA v. Peter Graves
Vic Ivy -- Federal Defender