United States District Court - Western District of Tennessee
Chief Judge J. Daniel Breen
Monday, October 6, 2014
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9:00 am 113cv1185 Pretrial Conference
Sofiea S. Greenleaf vs. A+Care Solutions, Inc. and Antonio White
C. Scott -- R. Thomas
9:30 am 113cv2132 Jury Trial
Anthony Lofties vs. Aeropostale, Inc.
D. Stowers -- E. Rudnick, K. Brown-Gibbs
9:30 am 113cv1089 Jury Trial
Jerry Wayne Day vs. Finishing Brands Holdings, LLC
C. Barnett, T. Luna -- C. Sponseller, T. Dixon
1:15 pm 113cv1196 Pretrial Conference
Stephen P. Geller vs. Henry Co. Board of Education
R. Colbert, C. Wilbert -- C. Purcell, C. Hayden, J. Craig, M. Jayashankar