United States District Court - Western District of Tennessee
Chief Judge J. Daniel Breen
Friday, May 29, 2015
Last updated Wed May 27 16:13:03 2015
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8:59 am 113cr10056 Report Dates
USA vs. Saed Abdeljawwad
M. Wilson -- L. Tatum
9:00 am 115cr10024 Report Dates
USA vs. Jonathan Lynn Luten -- RESET to 6/26/2015 at 9:00 AM
J. Powell -- R. Alden
9:00 am 115cr10023 Report Dates
USA vs. Lloyd Monroe Ferrell, Jr. (SRV 01-10066) -- RESET to 7/10/2015 at 9:45 AM
J. Powell -- R. Alden
9:00 am 115cr10022 Report Dates
USA vs. Thomas Corthion
J. Powell -- C. Wimbley
9:00 am 115cr10020 Report Dates
USA vs. Marty Holland
M. Wilson -- C. Wimbley
9:00 am 115cr10018 Report Dates
USA vs. Miracle Pounds, James Brian Whitt, Amy Junior, Christopher Dean, Nicholas Patterson
B. Boswell -- L. Tatum, M. Weinman, R. Alden, S. Kirk, C. Donahoe
9:00 am 115cr10012 Report Dates
USA vs. Patrick van Aken, Sarah van Aken
M. Wilson -- B. Hooper, C. Wimbley
9:00 am 115cr10010 Report Dates
USA vs. Larry Gene Britt
J. Powell -- C. Wimbley
9:00 am 115cr10008 Report Dates
USA vs. Helen Jackson, Bobby Joe Perry, Cheryl Austin, Bobby Joe Tyus
B. Boswell -- S. Kirk, R. Thomas, D. Taylor, D. Camp
9:00 am 115cr10006 Report Dates
USA vs. Jonathan D. Pruitt
M. Wilson -- C. Wimbley
9:00 am 115cr10004 Report Dates
USA vs. Shawn Raynard Milan (15-10019 & 01-10031)
B. Boswell -- B. Newman, J. Webb
9:00 am 114cr10089 Report Dates
USA vs. George Ward
B. Boswell -- C. Wimbley
9:00 am 114cr10071 Report Dates
USA v. Jeffery Rice, Jr.
J. Powell -- M. Smothers, R. Alden
9:15 am 115cr10008 Report Date/Change of Plea
USA vs. Alice Marie Martin
B. Boswell -- L. Tatum
9:30 am 114cr10088 Sentencing
USA vs. Toddrick Smith
B. Boswell -- C. Wimbley
10:00 am 114cr10049 Sentencing
USA vs. Tiffany Pritchard
B. Boswell -- R. Thomas
10:30 am 114cr10063 Sentencing
USA vs. Robert Shawn Moody
J. Powell -- M. Smothers
11:00 am 114cr10083 Sentencing
USA vs. Angela Renee Blevins -- RESET to 7/10/2015 at 10:00 AM
B. Boswell -- L. Tatum
11:30 am 114cr10062 Sentencing
USA vs. Michael Shane Ramos -- RESET to 7/7/2015 at 10:00 AM
J. Powell -- M. Smothers
1:30 pm 115cr10001 Report Date/SRV Hearing
USA vs. Anthony Randaul & (02-20319)
B. Boswell -- D. Taylor
1:45 pm 114cr10009 Sentencing
USA v. Joseph Curtis (01) (15-10036)
B. Boswell -- D. Taylor
2:15 pm 110cr10018 Supervised Release Violation
USA vs. Eddie Shaw
J. Powell -- R. Alden