United States District Court - Western District of Tennessee
Chief Judge J. Daniel Breen
Monday, January 26, 2015
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9:30 am 113cv2054 Jury Trial
Nelson Jenkins vs. Hardeman County, Tennessee, et al
K. Richardson, G. Norton -- B. Gibson, J. Buckner, W. Mauldin
9:30 am 113cv1215 Jury Trial
Judy Payton vs. Stanfill, Inc., et al -- RESET to 3/9/15 at 9:30 AM
G. Jackson -- S. Miller, C. Tomlinson
9:30 am 112cv1221 Jury Trial
Marla D. Taylor vs. City of Jackson
Pro Se -- G. Lindley, M. Courtner
1:15 pm 113cv2132 Pretrial Conference
Anthony Lofties vs. Aeropoltale, Inc.
D. Stowers, M. Johnson, S. Hale -- E. Rudnick, K. Brown-Gibbs