United States District Court - Western District of Tennessee
Thursday, August 21, 2014
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9:00 am 114cr10029 Breen - Report Dates
USA vs. Timmy Jermaine Cole
M. Wilson -- J. Bradberry
9:00 am 214cv02055 Lipman - Scheduling Conference
Naulitus Insurance Co. v. The Bar of North Memphis, Inc., et al.
W. Walton -- R. Cox
9:00 am 214cv02055 Pham - Scheduling Conference
Naulitus Insurance Co. v. The Bar of North Memphis, Inc., et al. -- RESET to 8/21/2014 at 9:00 AM
W. Walton -- R. Cox
9:30 am 113cr10041 Breen - Sentencing
USA vs. Anthony Taylor
E. Stanton, V. Ivy -- D. Smothers, R. Alden
9:30 am 211cr2593 Fowlkes - Motion Hearing
U.S. v. Sheri Martin (Related Case 10-cr-20072-01)
Barbara Zoccola -- Pro Se
9:30 am 214cv02015 Fowlkes - Status Conference
Lewis v. Lowe's Home Centers, LLC
Randall J. Fishman -- Christopher Michael Myatt
9:30 am 214cv02142 Lipman - Status Conference
Plasan Sasa, LTD. v. SFI of Tennessee, LLC.
Matthew M. Curley -- Brett A. Hughes, Laura S. Martin
9:30 am 213cr20363 Mays - Sentencing
U.S.A. v. Travis Williams [USM # 26615-076]
K. Carter -- E. Perry
10:00 am 214cr20128 Anderson - Sentencing
USA v. James Defreese [USM#26867-076]
B. Coleman -- T. Paylor
10:00 am 114cr10038 Breen - Change of Plea
USA vs. Russell Mays
M. Wilson -- R. Alden
10:00 am 114cv01092 Bryant - Scheduling Conference
Kitchens v. Henderson County, Tennessee et al
Leanne A. Thorne -- Jon York
10:00 am 213cr20086 Fowlkes - Sentencing
USA v. Tony Downey, Jr. (C) [USM# 25906-076]
Tony Arvin -- James Thomas
10:00 am 214cr20153 Pham - Report Dates
USA v. Andrew M. Mangual [USM # 26886-076] *** USM does NOT need to bring the defendant in for this hearing.
F. Godwin -- P. Oh
10:30 am 114cr10012 Breen - Change of Plea
USA vs. Charles T. Harris
D. Henry -- J. Morris
10:30 am 114cv01122 Bryant - Scheduling Conference
Cone et al v. Hankook Tire Company, Ltd., et al
Sara Bailey Russo, Daniel Marten Czamanske , Jr. -- A. Scott Ross
10:30 am 214cr20006 Fowlkes - Sentencing
USA v. (Cheryl Wright (R))
David Pritchard -- Art Horne
11:00 am 212cr20081 Anderson - Hearing on Govt. Motion for Medication
USA v. Darius Alston [21197-075]
J. Kitchen -- A. Horne
11:00 am 113cv01095 Bryant - Scheduling Conference
Ivy v. Amerigas Propane, L.P. et al
James Webb, Jesse Nelson -- Emily Mack, Samuel Jackson
1:30 pm 214cr20131 Anderson - Sentencing
USA v. Pamela Beard [USM#26869-076]
D. French -- B. Ballin
1:30 pm 213cr20157 Lipman - Final Report Date
USA v. Omar Jones [USM#25905-076]
Charles Wesley Summers, III -- Mary Jermann-Robinson
1:30 pm 207cr20388 Mays - Supervised Release Violation
U.S.A. v. Tarus Bean [USM #17478-076]
M. Parks -- A. Mathis
1:45 pm 214cr20100 Lipman - Final Report Date
U.S.A. v. (1) Phillip Anthony Moreno (c)--[USM # 26857-076], (2) Jose Antonio Limon (c)--[USM # 26856-076], (3) Raquel Trevino (c)--[USM # 26855-076]
Kevin Whitmore -- (1) Ned Germany, (2) Charles Mitchell, (3) C. Anne Tipton
2:00 pm 214cv02360 McCalla - Telephonic Scheduling Conference
Dick's Sporting Goods, et al v. Kevin L. Boydston, Director of ATF
Jane McCullough, John Gibbons, Thomas Parker -- David Brackston
3:00 pm 213cr20364 Anderson - Fugitive Report Date
USA v. Jamard Adams
K. Carter
3:00 pm 213cr20304 Anderson - Fugitive Report Date
USA v. Malvin David Williams
M. Erskine
3:00 pm 213cr20272 Anderson - Fugitive Report Date
USA v. Quentis Jackson
C. Cotten
3:00 pm 213cr20229 Anderson - Fugitive Report Date
USA v. David Estrada Casillas
F. Godwin -- E. Perry
3:00 pm 212cr20054 Anderson - Fugitive Report Date
USA v. Barry Stephen Boyd
AUSA (F. Godwin at last hearing)
3:00 pm 211cr20240 Anderson - Fugitive Report Date
USA v. Antoine Phillips
S. Hall
3:00 pm 209cr20468 Anderson - Fugitive Report Date
USA v. Dario Morales-Loya
D. French -- C. Mitchell
3:00 pm 213cr20321 Anderson - Report Dates
USA v. Ronald Cory Dean
D. Ireland -- M.C. Jerman-Robinson