United States District Court - Western District of Tennessee
Judge S. Thomas Anderson
Thursday, July 31, 2014
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9:15 am 213cr20180 Report Dates
USA v. Kendall Joy
D. Biggers -- K. Perry
9:30 am 211cv3030 Status / Scheduling Conference
Tranice Whitlow, et al. v. Shelby County Government, et al.
M. Floyd, E. Cummings -- H. McLean, P. Varela, M. Phillips, A. Cleek
10:00 am 209cr20068 Hearing on Pro Se Motions
USA v. James Baker [22855-076]
J. Fabian, F. Godwin -- Al. Wharton, B. McWhirter
1:30 pm 214cr20139 Bond Review Hearing / Report Date
USA v. Alexander Thompson [26920-076]
K. Carter -- T. Paylor
2:00 pm 213cr20278 Sentencing
USA v Jeffery White USM#23480-076
M. Parks -- T. Darker
3:00 pm 214cr20069 Report Date / Change of Plea
USA v. Donell Edwards, Jr.
S. Hall -- H. Durham
3:15 pm 213cr20004 Hearing to Reconsider Motion to Suppress
USA v. Michael Stephens (USM#25640-076)
D. French -- K. Perry